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  1. @Tazmo61 wow very concise, greatly appreciate your input. Really good to have a date now. So surprised to know that the serial numbers don't give a bit more specific details. Funny I also came across that watch on chrono24 it gives a good indicative value. Good to know about the hs9 numbers too I have come across a couple of those during my searches. I do agree its a lovely piece and I will be doing my best to keep hold of it, its in such great condition, probably few and far between now. Thanks again all Dan
  2. Hi Guys,First of all thanks for all the valuable information. A Couple of years ago My Grandad asked me to get a couple of clocks serviced for him and right before I was leaving with said clocks he went into a drawer and pulled this little beauty out and asked "can you see what they can do with that". Anyway took it to the clock repairer who couldn't repair but referred me to TWR in Essex who could and subsequently did the repairs. They did a great job and all is well now a couple of years later. The company owner Tim also commented on what great shape it was in and said these are becoming more and more valuable. Ironic really as my Grandad picked the watch up for less than £100 around 30 years ago from an antiques shop where he was informed it came off an aircraft carrier. Unfortunately we recently lost my grandad so I have the job of trying to value his watches for the estate. I have been googling etc and found some information but struggling to date the watch. Anyway if anyone can point me to the best place to research these watches or offer any opinions or information it would be greatly appreciated. Some images below.Thanks, Dan Lemania Face Lemania Back
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