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  1. Thanks @Thomas Alan Busson for your reply, but I just realised, the picture is flipped, it a LH winder but still same spring.
  2. Update After stripping and giving a good clean in the utrasonic bath, reassembled the clock, I still could not get it to run for more than ten minutes, tonight I finally found the sweet spot when getting the clock In Beat, just the tiniest twist either way and it stops. hopefully it will keep going although the pendulum barely does 1 rotation.
  3. Yes Roger, I have it centered, it stopped again and on closer inspection there is quite a bit of sticky oil in the gear teeth so a bath in the ultrasonic needed. Annoyingly the Kern clock I'm fully restoring which has no face or hands on at the moment, I made up the spring for and set it up with basically just the clockworks on the stand has run for a full day and was in beat straight off, but the bugger still needs stripping as it drips more oil than a vintage car. Yet to add the post on this one.
  4. New Horolovar .058mm springs arrived today, made up the new suspension using Rogers method (thanks for that @Roger the Dodger) Fitted to the clock and tested, only ran for about 5 mins, basically til the pendulum lost its momentum. Removed the suspension to raise the fork a little and noticed the fork was quite dull and slightly grooved so this was polished up and refitted a little higher, re-assembled and seems to be running ish now hopefully with a few tweeks I can keep it running to see how it goes but think it will need stripping and cleaning.
  5. @Roger the Dodger The Bentima clock has landed.
  6. The broken Bentima clock has arrived and at only 12 quid I am very happy with it. It came very well packed in its original box and other than the broken suspension spring it looks in pretty much new condition, even the glass dome is perfect. Almost looks as though they broke the spring when it was first set up then re-boxed and put away in a cupboard. Should have a new spring tomorrow, hopefully once cut to length and suspension made up, it will be on with set-up and timing.
  7. https://thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?/profile/21641-roger-the-dodger/ I know this is an old thread but can you remember what laquer you used? @Roger the Dodger I know this is an old thread but can you remember what laquer you used?
  8. My first 400 Day suspension project which I collected from a nice gent local to me, base brass work was in quite a state so that has been stripped and boiled in a pan of water to remove the laquer and is polishing up nicely. The movement is in great general condition though it seems to have been oiled weekly as it was dripping in oil, escapement works as it should and the mainspring is in good condition, hopefully a good service and clean plus the replacement of the suspension spring which is about 1 cm too short. As I am still trying to get hold of the "400 day clock bible" I could do with a little help with identifying the clock for the suspension spring measurements and thickness. As per the title this is a Kern clock with the KS logo with the winder on the right, backplate dimensions are 60mm x 44mm. See photo attached (hopefully). Thank you for any assistance.
  9. Hi all, Just joined the forum after reading Roger the dodgers Post about his Bentina / Kern 400 day Clock, which I found very informative and as a bonus it looks exactly the same clock that I am awaiting delivery of. I'm kinda new to clock repairs, but I have completely rebuilt a school type pendulum clock that I found completely in pieces including the case, in a cupboard in the engineers workshop of the place where I had my first job as a textiles engineer apprentice. This was a long time back when I was a mere 16yr old, I'm 58 now. I have always fancied the challenge of getting a torsion clock working since I saw one way back then that never seemed to be running. Anyway enough for now, I will post about my adventures with the clock soon. Steve
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