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  1. Sounds good, hope you enjoy your new watch
  2. That is a pretty impressive piece you have, looks great
  3. Would have liked but can't lol Thank you for the info
  4. Hi, what is the limit for liking etc on posts as it only lets me do a few each day? Does it get better after a while Thanks for looking
  5. That's a really nice looking watch, not seen that one before
  6. Someone said today that they thought of digital watches as 70's technology, made me think does that make a mechanical even worse being as they appeared hundreds of years ago? People seem to forget these things when they comment and it just make me laugh to myself
  7. I have a fair few G Shocks and like most of them you cannot change the date format unfortunately. Some of the newer Bluetooth models have this ability but not the one you have.
  8. Something to look into, thank you for pointing that out to me. Would have given you a like or something but sadly I can't add any more reactions whatever that means? This forum is so different to what I am used too
  9. Shame you can't send an image straight from your phone's gallery like another site I won't name, so much quicker and easier
  10. I have a number of Casio's, mainly G-Shock and they have something like what your saying and I think they are for shock protection and keeping the module in place. A photo would be helpful just to be sure
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