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  1. Brilliant post! I never heard of this before and it's a lovely watch with great build at a really good price, going to add it to my "to do" list Thanks for sharing. Gezza
  2. Omg this thread is like crack, I keep clicking eBay threads I can't help myself, might need an intervention.
  3. Resale is not an issue, tbh I'm not sure I have ever sold a watch I have brought and don't want to start that habit now. Gezza I don't like it be able to afford the Royal Oak (although I love the bracelet), Roles shady business practices waiting list bull*%it and over RRP pricing is a complete turn off, GP would be great but I think it's more than my budget, would love the newer 41mm blue but don't think I can afford it ☹️ Gezza
  4. Anything but leather on a diver, sorry to be negative but just seems wrong, thing is I do dive with my dive watches and salt water would just kill those straps. Gezza
  5. Hi folks, Another new member her just came to introduce myself, I'm in the Cambridge area and loved to nerds out over watches, just can't help it, was cars once but that has past and now it's just watches. I have a couple of Omega Speedmaster and Seamaster and an Orient diver and am now looking for something dressier to add to the collection Gezza.
  6. Looks very smart, Breitling have been on a roll recently with some great new releases. Gezza
  7. I do have a 1971 Seiko GMT that's a birth year watch but it's a bit of a beater, automatic, no winding, no hacking so when it does not get worn it's a PITA to get set up again. So if I put some budget behind it what was a good section option in 1971 that's around now?
  8. If it's open caseback then manual, if it's closed back then automatic. Gezza
  9. Was thinking of getting a new watch (for me anyway) to celebrate this landmark and wanted some ideas from you all. I currently have a Speedy chrono and an older beater Seamster as my day to day but nothing that's dressier. Budget is 3-5k happy to consider 2nd hand or new, only "real watches" ie, manual or automatic. I have a largish wrist of about 7.5 inches so larger watch are ok but nothing below 38mm. I've agonised over this for months already and really like the Cartier Santos Galbee ( probably large but not sure need to try them on as not tried a square watch before), Omega Aquaterra ( but would be nice to get different brand) and Dornbluth out of these Dornbluth is probably front runner. Would appreciate any suggestions your thanks in advance. Gezza
  10. Yema for the history, elegance and relative simplicity compared to the other two.
  11. I'm happy to spend up to a certain limit say £500 on fun vintage watches online but if I'm buying.anything serious then I really want to try it on my wrist first. Gezza
  12. First post and added my location, Cambridge. Gezza
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