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  1. I want to thank you all for taking the time to reply. Indeed I live out in the middle of nowhere and the pandemic is not helping. I will look around a few of the online stores mentioned and maybe I can show some patience (wife doesn't understand the rush) and wait for bricks and mortar to be an option again. In terms of why the PAM. Over the last few years I have had a few high end watches but every since trying on the PAM of a friend I always liked the way it looked and felt on my wrist. I have tried to put it to one side but always come back to wanting one.
  2. Hi All. Given the ongoing global pandemic I have recently been looking to buy a pre-owned PAM online. I have to say some of the prices look good but they vary wildly between the retailers from Watchfinder to Est 1897 and watch box. When spending this type of money it's difficult to sift through, especially in also wanting to avoid very good replicas. So I thought I would see if anyone out there had any experiences or even recommendations of who to use or even not to use as the case may be.
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