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  1. Looks exactly like the second one down on left column. Incabloc - Bracelet. That U shaped clip. Where the heck am I going to find one of those?
  2. Hi There, first timer here. I have a Zenith 2522C movement that I'm using to learn some watch repair skills. I'm having a real problem trying to reattach the top balance jewel to the bridge. There's a U shaped clip retainer that holds the jewel assembly in the hole. I can't seem to slide that clip into the grooves in the jewel. Aside from needing 3 hands, is there something I'm missing? The clip doesn't find the groove and pings off. So assuming I can find it, what's the technique? But assuming I can't find it, can I get a replacement clip for pennies or better to pay pounds for a new balance assembly? Would it even come with the clip? Thanks for reading! MRH
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