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  1. I haven't bought their tap and die sets, but I have bought almost all my tools from the Cousins Value range and they have all been fit for purpose and definitely better than the rubbish sold on Amazon.
  2. That is a stunning watch, I love the dial and indices (apart from the abomination that is the date window) and the case shape looks great too. It's such a distinctive watch, it might be difficult to sell on, but if it didn't have a date, I can't see I would want to
  3. If I had the money, I would consider that a very sensible purchase, because it looks fantastic.
  4. When the going gets (very slightly) tough, the tough gets going
  5. Have I got this right? The sub dial is spinning around once a second, but there is no proper second hand and the nearest you can tell the time is from the minute hand
  6. Good advice, particularly for expensive watches, trying it on is essential, because some watches just don't fit some wrists and the appearance of a watch can be very different when viewed on wrist. Your point about postage is valid, and I'd hate to have to sort out the mess if it didn't return to the seller in good condition.
  7. I agree, the thickness of a watch is second in importance only to the lug to lug dimension for how the watch wears. The thickness of a watch is not entirely dependent on the movement thickness however. That Accurist no doubt has a very thin acrylic crystal without any seal and the back plate will be pressed thin stainless sheet as it is effectively just a dust cover. Almost all modern watches have some sort of water resistance, 30m minimum but often 100m. The increased thickness of crystal and caseback (especially if it is a display back) will add at least 3mm but more likely 5-6mm to the height of the watch. So a 100m water resistant watch is likely to be a minimum of 11mm thick with the same movement thickness as your Accurist, but more likely 13mm. Of course some manufacturers really don't care about movement thickness the NH 35 is apparently rather thick, and don't mention the Vostok autos (so bad when added to a 3mm crystal, that I have swapped most ofine to hand winding!).
  8. I've dug out that Longines and measured it, 30mm case width. Here's a photo:
  9. Have a good Monday I'm wearing this only briefly to take a photo for the watch size thread. The time is wrong as it hasn't been wound for 26 years and all the oil will be dry. The question is, too small? Now I would say yes, but I wore this until I was 30, and didn't think twice about it.
  10. Until my mid twenties I wore a 1920s gold Longines cushion cased watch, I can't measure it at the moment, but a similar one on the net is said to be 32mm. I did have a friend at college say it was a lovely watch, but he wouldn't wear it because it was too small, but otherwise it was fine, I just wore it 24/7. In the 90s I forgot I was wearing it and dived in a pool (it survived, I got it dried out by removing the caseback and leaving it in the sun ), so I decided to retire it and swap to a Datejust 36 which for a few months felt huge and really heavy. I now tend to think it would look better on my daughter's than me, so my tastes have changed.
  11. It is possible you will be disappointed. The tritium glow isn't as bright as freshly charged lume, but obviously through the night it stays just the same. My 25 year old Datejust tritium is completely invisible now, but it was good for 15+ years.
  12. Back on track, sort of I had a quick look and I like this Orient Star diver RE-AU0307E00B green dial, but it is a bit pricey, the only one I found in stock is £600 At the other extreme, Vostok have some new models, this one 710 02A has a nice green dial, a polished case and is only £89 in stock at Meranom, but it has a date
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