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  1. Black looks much nicer, dial, no date, crown all look better to me anyway
  2. I bought three hand winding movements and thin casebacks to convert my Amphibias to manual wind. It was an enjoyable project and it has transformed the watches.
  3. Yes photos please Watch out, they can be moreish! I have found all mine to keep time within -5 to +20 seconds a day from new, and once regulated they can do a lot better. The Amphibias are even better value, and they do versions without a date, as the lack of quickset is the biggest flaw with Vostoks in my opinion.
  4. They both smart modern looking watches. I like the blue Dufa best, but I've never been a fan of square ended hands. I am constantly amazed by all these new brands you discover
  5. Another Russian, out cycling. I had a mini adventure, took the wrong turn in a wood, decided not to turn back and started following bridle paths without a map, using the sun as a guide. I ended up carrying my bike over fallen trees served me right for being so obstinate! So good to see tarmac now
  6. Watch me with watches reviewed a watch recently with a blue lume on everything apart from the minute hand which had green (c3?). The minute hand was a lot dimmer and faded almost immediately. He contacted the manufacturer and they blamed the UV torch he used to charge the lume. When he repeated the test with an white light torch the green lume was much brighter.
  7. I would pick the Seiko snowflake, IWC manual wind and the Patek Calatrava. Though, by the time I decided even the UK police would have arrived
  8. Fortunately, being a Vostok it was only £32. The movement works well and I still like the dial, but the case . In the flesh it is really shiny and the star shape is horrible. The quirky crown position that I thought looked cool is very awkward, not great on a handwinding watch! I have ordered an old vintage 320 Amphibia case and plan to rehouse the dial and movement, so I can wear it more. Only problem is the dial feet will be in the wrong place, so I will have to cut them off and use dial dots
  9. What a beautiful watch, I am sure she will enjoy wearing it.
  10. No argument required, you've hit the nail on the head
  11. Ok, no one's said it yet so: You must have a Vostok Scuba Dude, it isn't optional, if you're an enthusiast, you must own one. It's well under budget, but of course whether you decide to keep it or not is up to you
  12. Well done, that must have taken many hours to make. I like the case design, and screws, and the box is beautiful too! I recently looked into dial printing, I was just thinking of using an old Vostok dial as the base, but it does look very tricky and expensive. There was a YouTube video where a chap laser printed onto a film, then put it on the dial and into the oven! It looked pretty good to me, but probably wouldn't be up to your standards.
  13. Personally, I would say none of the above, but they are all great quality watches. Enjoy whichever you choose
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