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  1. Hello, I'm off work so thought I would wear my hand winding 710 Vostok on a leather strap.
  2. That does seem an adventurous project, photos would be great too
  3. It looks like the end links overhang your wrist, so it might not sit nicely, but only you can feel if it will be comfortable. As far as whether it looks too big, that's far too subjective, my daughter loves wearing my 36mm Datejust, I think it is definitely too big for her, but she loves it so it must be OK
  4. Factors that might put me off watches well over £10,000 would be: 1. A lot of extremely expensive watches are tasteless and vulgar (obviously there are exceptions!) and are often made to show off. 2. Recognisable super expensive watches are a magnet for muggers and can be dangerous to wear if you aren't surrounded by body guards.
  5. You're right it doesn't make much sense! I have bought thinner case backs to take advantage of the height difference, even a Vostok fan has to admit 15mm Amphibiias are rather thick. I did consider just removing the autowind components, but the slipping mainspring isn't satisfying to wind and 2409.01 movements are a straight swap and are only £20 from Meranom
  6. I've recently decided I prefer manual over automatic and I can't see myself buying another quartz. So I have just spent £60 on handwinding movements to convert my Vostok automatics to manual.
  7. For mechanical watch accuracy to a couple of seconds a day, I would either buy COSC certified or a watch cheap enough for you to be happy regulating it to run well on your wrist. Middle price watches generally aren't super accurate out of the box and I would be scared to remove the back in case I ruined the movement.
  8. I'm hoping this link works
  9. I know, but really I am not a watch collector, I just like watches and have accidentally bought too many for me to wear at one time
  10. Bricey makes a good point about cost, but assuming the price is affordable (say less than £250) I would buy the microbrand watch, because there might not be a second chance. The larger brand watch will most likely be available in the future. Currently, I wouldn't but either as I have six watches I can wear and that is too many already!
  11. I'm glad you're getting on with the watch now and I hope you get your holiday It must be strange wearing a watch without any visible sign of time passing, it looks beautiful but my perfect holiday watch would be inexpensive and water resistant so I didn't have to worry.
  12. Mine is quite similar, definitely hand wind and no date, but I wouldn't want a metal bracelet, I would add a screw down crown with at least 100m water resistance, but a printed dial would be ok if it looked good.
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