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  1. When I'm on holiday, I like to enjoy myself, so I wear my favourite clothes and will just choose the watch I most want to wear. I don't have many watches and the three or four I would take are all water resistant to at least 200m. Yesterday I was browsing the web (always dangerous) and found a Casio digital with tide indicator. That would be really handy in Cornwall . It was the W-S210H and is only £45 and doesn't even look too ugly (for a Casio )
  2. Who ever thought brown hands were a good idea?
  3. In addition to the points mentioned above. I think I would prefer the box and papers, because the sort of person who carefully stores them away is more likely to look after the watch and get it serviced on time.
  4. In this heat, I resorted to digging out my perlon strap, but still couldn't resist a hot coffee.
  5. Thanks You are correct a thicker case back will definitely make the situation worse. Particularly the exhibition case backs available make an already thick watch even thicker. You're also correct that cases with longer lower lugs will sit better on wrist. I would love to try on all the Vostok cases to see which is best. Strangely the dead flat 110 case is often reported to be very comfortable though!
  6. It is only just legible on a computer screen, but the description under the green dial Oyster Perpetual reads Datejust
  7. I own three 200m water resistant Vostoks and I really like them. However, the big drawback with modern automatic Vostoks is the thickness, quoted by Meranom as 15 mm. I wish they were available in hand winding form as all original Amphibias were. This thickness is very obvious when wearing the watches and I have converted an Amphibia of mine to a manual winding movement and swapped the caseback. Just out of interest, I thought I would take some comparison photos between my modified hand wound 670 Amphibia and my 650 automatic Komadirskie, becuse these cases apart from finishing are identical. Here they are side by side: Here I am wearing the 650 automatic: And this is the hand wound 670: The automatic is quite wearable and isn't uncomfortable, but when tried on back to back the manual wound watch is much more comfortable. The difference is only about 2mm when measured but feels more, probably because the extra thickness pulls the strap away from my arm. As I am happy hand winding my watches, and the movements are so cheap, I am in the process of converting the 650 to hand winding too. I am no expert on working on watches (I have only swapped movements, dials and hands on cheap watches!), but if anyone is interested in trying this, I can take some photos to show how.
  8. That Vario is a lovely watch I was going to suggest the Vostok Classica, which is hand wound and beautiful in my opinion, but you already have a great Vostok.
  9. The tide was almost full, but we were quite close to the water. They have added a lot of shingle over the last ten years by dredging. Probably using the wrong size stones
  10. You should be a detective, I live just up the coast in Eastbourne
  11. I hope you enjoy wearing it and end up keeping it for many years
  12. Jody did a convincing job knocking Seiko for their QC. However, I do wonder whether it isn't just the internet letting people realise that their dodgy example is not one of a kind. I like Vostoks and all you read on forums and Facebook is "they don't make them like they used to, the Soviet era ones are much more reliable". There are many reports of modern Vostoks that either are dead on arrival or stop shortly afterwards. This is obviously upsetting, but seems to affect a fairly small proportion, and at £30-£80 a watch, it has been suggested people should buy three at a time to make sure they get one that works In addition to the fact that anyone with a faulty watch goes straight online to tell the world. I suspect other factors may be affecting reliabilty. The older apparently more reliable Amphibias were all manual wind, while many of the modern problem watches are automatic so quite a lot more complex. In Soviet times Russians probably bought them from a shop, while now they are posted internationally in the most feeble uncushioned plastic boxes, and I am surprised any of them arrive in working order! It would be very interesting to know if the percentage returns for Seikos under warranty have increased since the eighties. However, as they seem intent on increasing their prices dramatically at the same time Chinese factories are producing some very good quality watches with the same movements, now would be a good time for Seiko to improve QC otherwise they will suffer finacially.
  13. Photo taken yesterday, but more of the same planned today
  14. I have always worn my watch to bed, apart from when I was a student and my only watch was a 1920s Longines. I woke one night and discovered the crystal had fallen out! Amazingly, all three hands were still in place, but I didn't trust it after that!
  15. Personally, I don't like the dial. The minutes 5, 10 etc, the font for Air King, the way the large triangle at 12 forces the yellow (!) Coronet down and squashes it against the green (!) Rolex. Having said that, if nobody is very keen on the model, it may become a sought after rarity in 30 years Go with your gut feeling, if you don't love love it, don't buy it.
  16. It's nice not having to be too worried about your watch
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