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  1. The final piece in my collection before I have to start re-cycling photos! Ingersoll Radiolite bronze I05001
  2. Today's contribution, a San Martin type-B flieger
  3. Another slightly modded Vostok, this time an Amphibia 100819
  4. Sunny weather calls for a sunny watch
  5. I'm pretty sure that's where my two flew from. Didn't have to wait too long to get the goodies though.
  6. I love these straps. They are so comfortable and practical, and to my eye look fantastic when paired well.
  7. A bit of a retro vibe today, a lightly modded Amphibia 090661
  8. Doing my bit to keep summer going as long as I can
  9. I have a similar problem with my 2004 Seamaster 2531.80.00, but not as extreme as you. Mine was consistently running at plus 2 mins per days a few years ago so I sent it to Omega for a full service. Came back running properly and continued to for about three years, but in the last 24 months it's been running at plus 2.5 mins a day with little or no variation. I was suggested that it could be magnetised so I bought a demag but that didn't solve it. Now I'm looking for someone to service it again, but it's a very costly business.
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