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  1. let us know how you get on. Orient don't seem to sell spares so I'd be interested to see if you're successful.
  2. here's a pic of the broken crown/stem. If you have a spare I'd be happy to take it off your hands for a few shekels (PS I can't PM Simon2 until I get 50 posts, and that's going to take forever!!)
  3. Hi guys and gals. I've just signed-up and looking forward to reading all about your watch journeys. About me: After spending the last 15 years wearing an Omega Seamaster as my daily beater I stumbled on a couple of YouTube watch channels that made me realise I should probably treat it with a bit more respect! So I looked around for an alternative and settled on a Glycine Combat Sub GL0083. Nice. That started a slippery slope In the last 18 months I seem to have accumulated about a dozen watches - my name's Newton and I'm a watch-a-holic
  4. I recently bought a Kamasu second-hand, only to find that the crown was not attached to the stem. Not a very happy boy As there's not a service centre in the UK I've looked online, emailed Long Island Watches and Orient USA, but no-one has been able to help. Can anyone point me at where I can get a new stem and crown? This has put me right off Orient. Thanks.
  5. Hi, newbie here. I need help identifying what watch this milanese band fits. The band is 14mm wide and the 'lugs' about 9mm. Anyone able to help? Thanks
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