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  1. The final piece in my collection before I have to start re-cycling photos! Ingersoll Radiolite bronze I05001
  2. Today's contribution, a San Martin type-B flieger
  3. Another slightly modded Vostok, this time an Amphibia 100819
  4. Sunny weather calls for a sunny watch
  5. I'm pretty sure that's where my two flew from. Didn't have to wait too long to get the goodies though.
  6. I love these straps. They are so comfortable and practical, and to my eye look fantastic when paired well.
  7. A bit of a retro vibe today, a lightly modded Amphibia 090661
  8. Doing my bit to keep summer going as long as I can
  9. I have a similar problem with my 2004 Seamaster 2531.80.00, but not as extreme as you. Mine was consistently running at plus 2 mins per days a few years ago so I sent it to Omega for a full service. Came back running properly and continued to for about three years, but in the last 24 months it's been running at plus 2.5 mins a day with little or no variation. I was suggested that it could be magnetised so I bought a demag but that didn't solve it. Now I'm looking for someone to service it again, but it's a very costly business.
  10. ok, some good news. Tom @ TUS Watches is able to get me the replacement parts that I need to get the Kamasu up and running again. A big thanks to him for going the extra mile, especially considering that I didn't buy the watch from him in the first place. If you're after an Orient, speak to him, he's a good chap. I hope that my next post will be to show a working watch
  11. +1 for cheapestnatostraps I've had good straps from aliexpress (and some poor ones) as long as you don't mind waiting, and waiting, and waiting... I've never bought from them, but Vario get good reviews. Might give them a try one day.
  12. Here is my pair of Vostoks, a 100819 and a 090661M, lightly modded with changed straps and bezels. Happy days!
  13. Try SMIRS.com I bought a couple of watches from them recently and was very happy with their service.
  14. I recently bought a couple of Vostoks from an outfit called SMIRS. Nobody ever seems to mention them so I took a bit of a gamble but no worries. Great service from them, arrived well packaged and quickly, and they're pricing is quite keen compared to Meranom. Lightly modded both of them on receipt, changing straps and bezels.
  15. Another update... Tom from TUS watches has been in touch and is going to try to get the spares for me, so things may be looking up
  16. Sorry to hear that, but not unexpected. I have some potentially good news. I found a wholesale importer in Iceland that is willing to help. They have stems in stock but no crowns, so they are ordering me one and say they will be available in August. Their email address is echo@echo.is if you want to give them a try.
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