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  1. After purchasing watches, I wanted to try building one using components from ebay. I ordered the movement first, figuring that was the starting place. The Seiko NH35 was plentiful and reasonably priced. I then found a style of case that I liked and was made to fit the NH35. The case listed the dial size, so I found one I liked and it said it fit the NH35. So far, so good. Watching Youtube videos on building a watch, it looked like I would need a dial spacer, movement holder and clamps to hold the movement secure in the case. I finally got all the items this week and started to look at the fit to decide the dial spacer and clamps. The NH35 had a gray plastic holder around the movement, so it looked like that was included. When I placed the dial on the movement, there were no screws to secure the dial to the movement (as shown on YouTube). It also appeared that the plastic movement holder was also the dial spacer, since it was slightly above the surface of the movement. The dial fit on the movement and allowed the date to move with no interference. So my next thought was clamping the movement in the case. No mounting points were visible and there was small, raised points around the movement holder face, which looked as if they were there to meet the watch back when it was installed. Has anyone experienced this? Looks like everything (movement holder, dial spacer and movement clamps) has been furnished with the HN35 and case made to ft the HN35. Or I'm just missing something?
  2. I’ve been looking for a place where I can learn and share my interest in watches. I was an Apple Watch person until I got got tired of having a second iPhone attached to my wrist. I decided I wanted something that would just tell time. I started looking around and found automatic mechanical watches and I was hooked. One watch lead to another, then another, but you probably know the feeling. I’ve got questions about building a watch, but I need to look around the forum before I start asking questions (and showing my ignorance).
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