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  1. Hi Caller, Thank you for your feedback! While we cannot change that we assemble our watches in Switzerland, we can certainly look into how we present our brand and watches. Best wishes, Jack
  2. Hi Paul, Thank you for your candour - I appreciate it! I supposed the crux of it is that we are a London based brand and, long term, we want to take inspiration from London’s architecture for all out watches. London‘s history, specifically the London docklands, has strong links to the sea and perhaps we can do better to tie this into our identity, particularly when it comes to our dive range. I hope in the summer you find yourself in the position to need another dive watch. We have some independent reviews on the way soon so perhaps that could tempt you
  3. Hi everyone, I have just stumbled upon this thread about my project from last summer and I appreciate your honest comments! We have come a long way since launching this campaign and are gearing up to launch the Nauticus (Mark II) in July 2021. More details here: harrowwatches.co.uk/nauticus I would be interested to know your thoughts. All the best, Jack
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