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  1. Hi all. For my sins I have been looking on EvilBay for watch movement to learn the art of watch repairing, one thing has caught my eye with watches being sold as restored is the seller often mentions is that the face/dial has been repainted, but looking at the accompanying photographs the face/dial looks like it's a new original. So just wondering what is the process of repainting a dial to get it looking do original. Anyone got any links as showing the the process. Thanks for any input on this. Paul
  2. Thanks. Will try and have a look. Talking of watchrepairtalk, anyone know what's going on with the forum admin, I signed up weeks ago but my membership is still pending, I did email admin but got no reply, I also note that Mark has stopped posting his Videos on YouTube, seemed to happen after his move to Thailand, I wonder if something has happened to Mark. Anyone know anything. Thanks. Paul
  3. Hi all Looking at the Mobius range of lubricants, which is the correct one for the mainspring drum in an automatic watch, I assume its either 8212 or 8213, if my assumption is correct which one ? Anyone got a non Mobius recommendation. Thanks for helping a beginner out here. Paul
  4. Thanks for the replies, I had been looking at L&R Watch Cleaner Thanks Paul
  5. Hi allSorry for yet another newbie question . For those using an Ultrasonic Cleaner for the watch parts cleaning what fluid do you use as the main cleaning agent.Thanks for any input and help with this Paul
  6. Hi all Sorry it's another boogie question. As per the subject, what's the best way to crack open the back of. Watch when there is no grove for the case knife, what's the propped way to pop those sort of backs open. Thanks for any tips on this. Paul Dam auto correct, Noobie not boogie
  7. Hi all I am thinking of adding a Watch Press to my tool selection, I think I will be going down the Screw type and have one in mind to get, the trouble is the same press is sold with Nylon or Metal Dies. Which is the best option to go for, is it ok to use the metal dies with crystals or should they be just used for pressing backs on. So metal or nylon. Thanks for any input on this. Paul
  8. Excellent, thanks for that The watch was my late Fathers long service watch presented to him in 1969 and still working well. Paul
  9. Hi Thanks for the reply I had a look under the balance and it appears to say BH 2472 with a small logo I can't make out Here is a link to a picture I took if its any help https://drive.google.com/file/d/15YbNBHAZPJKJ7tbVGqtGumI9o8Ka8bYm/view?usp=sharing Thanks Paul Just noticed on the inside of the back it says DS&S with an S logo does that mean anything picture of the back on this link https://drive.google.com/file/d/16I7q6CJlftWwgaBIXLfbTuEQXJjNv33V/view?usp=sharing Thanks Paul
  10. Thanks That gives me something to go on. Paul
  11. Hi all I have an old Garrard Automatic watch from the late 60's I have been trying to find its lift angle but none of the lists I have found online show any Garrard watches, I assume they just put their name on another makers watch. Anyone got any idea as to how I find the correct angle or do I just assume its the usual 52deg. This is so I can set my Timegrapher correctly. Thanks for any help with this Paul
  12. Hi all. I did search this but got no results so here goes. I am just starting out learning to repair watches and am looking to get a basic set of oils, I assume Moebius is the brand to go for, but as they are quite expensive I don't want to get anything I never end up using, so what would be a good basic set to get for mechanical watches, manual wind and automatic and quartz. I say oil but do understand there is probably a grease in there as well. Thanks for any help with this Paul
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