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  1. If you bought it from a dealer then it should be returned for them to sort the problem. Paul
  2. The only thing I can think is the 10 piece set comes with a better quality stand. Perhaps it's as simple as that. Paul In the end I settled on the Cousins set made by A*F in France and are of excellent quality and only £2.50 each a bit of a bargain compared to some other options. Paul
  3. Thanks. I did manage to persuade the Chinese 8200 winder to fit, with a little fiddling. Will keep an eye out for the No6 as I have a few that will need doing, as I work through them. Paul
  4. My Turntable is an old Thorens TD160 Mk1 from the mid 70's, HiFi is all Yamaha from the early 90's, Speakers are the only modern kit and they a Monitor Audio Bronze Floor standers. Not the best by a long shot but more than good enough for my aging heavy industry damaged hearing. I was going to have a big update after an inheritance came in, but after auditioning many of the high end items I decided I couldn't hear any improvements so stuck with what I had, which turned out to be fortunate as the inheritance was stolen, thanks to the corrupt legal system that makes it easy to change a Will of a Dementia patient, as long as you can find an incompetent, corrupt, negligent Solicitor to do the paperwork, which apparently is quite easy. And the legal profession will do all it can to protect a fellow solicitor that's been up to no good, mainly because they never know when they might need protecting themselves The Author Michael Connelly was right when he wrote, "What's the difference between a Lawyer and a Cat Fish, one a bottom feeding scum sucker and the other is a fish" Rant off
  5. There is some utter nonsense spouted on HiFi forums, most if not all defy the laws of physics Captain How about a fuse for the mains plug costing a grand Listen to the music not the equipment, it's cheaper and more enjoyable. Paul
  6. It's coming through the walls, from the Russian Spy living next door
  7. As long as Audiophoolery is not allowed. There is enough my £20k cables sound miles better than my old £10k set on the Hi-Fi forums to last a lifetime ;).
  8. This was for actually cleaning the movement parts, not the bracelet. Been looking into some of the expensive ready mixed options from L&R and Elna and they seem to mainly just be a mix of Naphtha and Mineral Spirits with a splash of Ammonia and a dash of oil. I already have the first two so might have a go at mixing my own, would be able to do something similar to the L&R 111 for about £10 for 5ltrs, which is better than the £40 plus L&R are asking for under 4ltrs. Paul
  9. Hl. The Pro-ject range of preamps are often recommended as a good starting point, cost is around £60 ish, there a loads of cheaper ones on the likes of eBay, just stay away from the little bear tube amps. There are lots of options from next to nothing to more than you paid for a good car, many of those at the bottom end of the market are good enough for most people. Unless you are cursed with what they call golden ears. ;) Then you will never be satisfied no matter how much you spend. Go budget and be happy with what you are hearing, and if not it may not be the preamp that is limiting in your setup. Enjoy your music, and listen to the sound, not the equipment. Paul
  10. Hi all Anyone watched the UK TV Show the Repair Shop In this show their resident Clock repairer Steve uses a simple process to clean his watch parts (Assuming we are seeing the whole process that is) were the parts are placed in a heated solution and just left to clean, the parts always come out looking like new, compared to how they looked going in. They show no agitation and no Ultrasonic component. Assuming they are not hiding most of the process anyone know the cleaning solution he uses is. Thanks for any input on this Paul
  11. Hi all I am trying to repair a Seiko 7009A movement, what is the correct size Mainspring winder needed for this size watch movement. I have one of the Chinese Winding kits bot nothing fits this spring, so was going to get the proper size Bergeon winder as I have quite a few of this movement to work on in the coming months. Thanks for any input on this Paul
  12. Hi all. Although I am currently using a couple of sets of cheap eBay Watchmakers screwdrivers and once the blades have been ground and hardened they actually perform quite well, I have still been hankering after a set of Bergeon drivers, I have been looking at their offerings at Cousins and am a little confused. They after 3 basic types, Aluminium, Chrome & Stainless Steel, in both 9 & 10 piece sets but the price difference seems to make no sense. In Aluminium the 9 piece set costs £135 but the 10 piece set costs £215, so £80 for one extra driver. In Chrome the 9 piece set costs £97.95 but the 10 piece set costs £215 so £117.95 for one extra driver. In Stainless the 9 piece set costs £93.95 but the 10 piece set costs £174.95 so £81 for one extra driver. What am I missing here as their prices do not add up to me, how can one extra driver cost so much. Thanks for any input on this. Also on the subject of Bergeon drivers what's the best blade material, their Hardened steel or their hardened stainless steel. Thanks. Paul
  13. The last time I did any Hardening and Tempering of metals was 50 years ago in School so it was a miracle I remembered how to do it and how quick and easy it was. Just using one of those small cooks blow lamps, just heat the tips till cherry red, then quench in water, a quick clean with wire wool, then back in the heat until the tip turns blue, then back in water to quench. Don't know if I was just lucky with the two sets I bought but one H&T they perform faultlessly, no chipping, no distortion, no bending. I will still probably get a Bergson or Horotec set one day but I am in no rush to drop £100 on something that may not be better than the £5 set I am using now. Now if they came with a lifetime no questions asked guarantee like ifixit or snapon tools do their price may be justified, but they don't do they. Paul
  14. Some of the cheap sets are not that bad, I have a couple of 5 driver sets that once the tips were ground and they were hardened and tempered actually work very well. These were £5 sets from China sold on eBay, it took about 10 minutes work to get them up to a working condition. Paul
  15. Hi all. Excuse the newbie questio. When honing the tips of my screwdrivers whats the best or most appropriate angle to hone them to. Thanks. Paul
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