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  1. OK I've just wound it till it stops, which confirms it! Thanks again
  2. Thanks @rhaythorne. Just to clarify do you happen to know this is right for the Smiths 60466E movement of the W10, or is this a more general guideline?
  3. I've inherited a 1970 Smiths W10 watch and not been able to find any guidance on winding. So far I've been winding it ~12 per day and that generally sees through to the next day. I'm reluctant to wind much more without getting a better sense of what it needs, so would greatly appreciate any informed or experience-based advice. Are any original instructions for this watch publically available? Assuming that Smiths W10 does not protect against over-winding (?) what is the risk that winding the exact amout each day will cumulatively overwind it over a longer period - e.g. if it requires 20 turns and you turn it 25 every dat, is the extra tension released or does it accumulate (in which case is it wise to let it fully unwind once a week)?
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