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  1. Thanks very much. Yes its a steel case. Is there some way to find out the actual Watcher Maker? I found one very small inscription on the movement inside. Looks like Y10G0 6 https://imgur.com/sDrTDc3 https://imgur.com/aeUQY4Y Hopefully these work Thanks!!
  2. I clicked on it and then clicked on "all" and the pictures came up...I'll try it again
  3. https://imgur.com/user/TuskerTusker Hope this works for the watch pics
  4. Looking for history, data or any information regarding my ACIER JB GARANTI pocket watch. Given to my great grand father as a gift from the Czar of Russia Nicholas II between 1884-1917 in appreciation for providing engineering/manufacturing tooling in the textile industry. Gun metal case, case# 32549, dials for minutes, seconds, day, week, month and moon. Approx. 3.5" round, 5" tall, and an inch thick.
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