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  1. @antjrice ok cool! Ill come up with some variations that consider your feedback and post them here.
  2. @antjrice Thanks for your feedback! I really do appreciate it! the Baltic is about $600 USD on a rubber strap with a Miyota movement. Mine will be around $500 on a steel bracelet with a STP 1-11 swiss movement? Just curious that doesn't make my watch an attractive alternative to you? if not that is totally fine just curious haha.
  3. @WRENCH I know there are quite a few divers. But I've been sailing since I was small, and the brand is also inspired by James Bond, that's why I named it Vesper. It was an attempt to combine the two things that have had a big impact on my life. I wanted to design a watch that I would personally buy. No "cutting out the middle man" BS. Just high quality beautiful watches at a fair price and unrivaled customer service. that's my goal!
  4. Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it! the retail price I am aiming for is $495. I was thinking my competitive advantage would be the STP movement might be a better option than the Miyota movements brands usually use at that price point.
  5. Hello! My name is Marcus Ramsey, I've been working on my own watch design for the past few months. I would like to get peoples honest opinions, ideas, and feedback before I start the sampling process!I'm also interested in what people prefer, a flat sapphire crystal or domed one? ceramic bezel or aluminum? there are more photos on the website for anyone who is interested www.vesperwatches.comHere are some renders and specs.
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