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  1. If it was my wrist, it would be the black one, if I was a beech bum I’d have the blue
  2. I would be very happy with just 2 of those. The explorer and the calatrava would suit me, but if I have to be greedy I would love the JLC as well
  3. Out of the around 10 omega I tried on Monday the aqua terra was probably my second favourite but also the arguably the best. This version is lovely, enjoy
  4. I feel like I’m missing a joke. Are you trying to be contentious or do you actually like the Titoni? Personally I think the black bay is to big but it’s beautiful (the case isn’t the best). But the only way I could pay money for the titoni is if somebody was holding a gun to my head. that said I really like the numbers on the Titoni but I would prefer it to have a numeral at 3 o’clock as well. And I don’t miss the fake rivets
  5. I like that there are more brushed surfaces than normal on the case and it’s fairly thin, moving the power indicator is a huge improvement but if moving that to the back means it costs another £3k it takes it into the realm of extreme silliness
  6. I think their are a lot of brands that fall into that category and specific watches from a brand including the Daytona ticks both boxes.
  7. If it’s my only watch, I would not want something to big so I would pick the black bay as it can probably do everything you want it to do and it’s nice and slim
  8. I’ve just visited there website, can anybody tell me how buying a new watch with parts made on the other side of the world, with materials mined who knows where ever be “climate positive”
  9. That looks quite elegant, I’m not keen on having only 12 and 6. It feels like all the details are in a line down the center of the dial and they should probably choose 1 font for the writing, not different treatments for each line of text.
  10. I’ve not seen that one before, it’s one of the nicest looking sea masters I’ve see, when we’re they made? Oooh, I’ve been inspired (educated) the early 2000’s diver looks gorgeous even with the escape valve.
  11. Explorer would tick all the boxes if I had a slimmer wrist
  12. I really like the look of this and the size but I’m conscious it’s a render and wonder how the real watches will look.
  13. it’s not something I’ve thought about to much, I’ve just looked down at my Seiko thats got a 21800 beat rate and it’s plenty smooth enough for me. I think you have just stoped me lusting after a spring drive quite so much.
  14. I’ve always preferred black dials so I’m biased but I think the white version looks better in this case
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