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  1. Sorry lol this all new to me. I don’t mind either I’m looking to buy & sell to make a bit of money as well as having an interest in watches. I never realised there’s so many manufacturers out there & how many types of watches. I’ve bought a men’s dress to sell but Im keeping it for myself because it looks so nice so I suppose it’s more how it looks rather than gender
  2. Is £50 cheap for men’s Astron Seiko brand new boxed with warranty card. Tachymeter dial. Gold & silver stainless steel
  3. Thank you, that’s very helpful
  4. It’s a private buyer . It’s used . Original price was £55. I got it down to £30 I’m try to put a photo on here to give you an idea
  5. Hi , I’m starting to learn about watches but finding it daunting as to what I should purchase at first. I’ve found a Rotary men’s watch £30 . It’s the style of a Cartier , black strap & with Roman numerals. It’s in working order. Should I chance it??
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