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  1. Been interested in watches since i was very young now at 57yrs old I still enjoy buying and selling watches nothing to expensive , i"ve owned some nice Tag heuer chronograph automatics, , Oris Aquis and a williams chronograph, several older swiss made Invictas, currently I own a 40mm Tag heuer formula 1 alarm quartz , Longines 43mm Hydroconquest black ceramic bezel automatic , Steinhart ocean 44 ceramic bezel , Steinhart ocean one black ceramic bezel 42mm , vintage Seiko kinetic pepsi dial , vintage 1940s Elgin mechanical , vintage 1970s Bulova automatic leather strap and my beater watch a Invicta chronograph quartz 47mm been very dependable for last 10yrs , just a working mans watch collection nothing to nice not to wear... thank you for having me in to your forum.... I will upload photos of some my past and current watches soon
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