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  1. Yes and that's what I want to do, for my own enjoyment ! Thank you
  2. Welcome to the forum, whats your name and what brand are you looking for?
  3. Okay I may try them Instead of watchgecko. But watchgecko usually deliver next day so that is a big yay for me
  4. Ive tried to upload photo unsuccessfully! Is it not possible to upload directly from a phone? Sorry if I seem stupid How did u upload photo?
  5. Was it available at westfield stratford? **** that you can not buy it but have to register youre interest
  6. Has anybody in the group done this, and was it helpful? Sounds interesting but I don't want to be a watchmaker tho, just to learn little bit more about watches!
  7. Mine would be 1986 Rolex 18K YG Day-Date 18038 with Metallic Gold Diamond Dial. But it is 10-14k so a little bit expensive for a birthyear watch
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