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  1. Me and Citizen enjoying the view over Chesil beach. What wonderful weather we are having enjoy your day all
  2. But late today but here we are , me and Citizen , taking a few days off in Weymouth. Wonderful weather, wonderful place. signal is crap down here so apologies if I’m missing over the next day or so.
  3. Old faithful for me today Have a good ‘un
  4. All the “posh” boys out today. Let me bring you down to earth with a Red Ruskie. Comrades - the Vostok Komandirskie. Khoroshego Voskresen'ya
  5. If you were a military man I think you could answer your own question but if you are a “civvie “there would be a lot of simple things that you might take for granted in a watch that would be far more important to a military mind than just how nice a watch looked. Having looked at that Benion “military fitness watch” online - forget it for a thousand reasons
  6. I joined in June this year and at the time my Collection consisted of 8 watches and 2 pocket watches. I still have 2 pocket watches but have acquired a further 7 wristwatches. I blame it on the likes of @mach 0.0013137 and @Bricey- always showing two watches plus per day. They are the bad influencers on here - LoL
  7. My first watch was a Timex watch which I was given for my 10th birthday in 1968. I remember it well because where we lived, was alongside the Brecon- Newport Canal and I tested it to see if it was waterproof by putting it in a fishing net and dunking it in the canal. Needless to say it didn't survive the experiment but then neither did the 2nd, 3rd or 4th watch. I could have been an Official Tester for many Watch Companies if I knew what I know now.
  8. A really nice Citizen. Not for everyone but I think they are true value for money watches. Thank you for sharing
  9. In amongst the “big boys” today may I present my humble Marloe Morar And it might even get wet today. No I’m not going for a swim I’m washing the car Have a great day all
  10. Agreed but when it’s on your wrist it takes on a different perspective. Leather, to me, gives a more sophisticated appearance whereas the bracelet is just another chunk of steel. It will be interesting to see what you decide once you’ve played around with it.
  11. Not too sure about the bracelet but the picture of it on a brown leather strap looks really , dare I use the word, “chic”. It’ll be interesting to see what your preference will be long term but I think you might well get a leather strap.
  12. As with @Roger the Dodger I’m in with a Seiko Sport today Have a funky Friday all
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