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  1. Yeah but you wouldn't be without them. Come on admit it!!
  2. To clarify -sorry-When I said that I agreed, I wasn't intimating that you had no taste, I was suggesting that some people might like it I'm kinda with @Eaglegale it is interesting and different. I'd like one maybe I'll be looking at the giveaway section later today
  3. This is a great looking watch. Never come across one before. What is the background?
  4. Aligning myself to the Olympics I thought I’d wear this today
  5. I’ll back @bricey on that. I am not a man of wealth and neither am I politically minded but the one thing I am is loyal to HRH Elizabeth 2nd and irrespective of all arguments for and against I am happy to publically announce is my allegiance to her. God Save The Queen
  6. All those Steeldives,Seikos,Omegas etc out there today it must be National sub Aqua day? let me bring you all back down to earth with a bump. Me-the closest I’m getting to water today is washing the car so hence the Infantry. Home again . Wow
  7. But I did say calling all Motorhomers and Caravanners not static dwellers
  8. Just love your collection. Everything I’ve seen so far exudes class and quality.
  9. How are you finding life in 2021. I used to enjoy the getaways but this year I think I might be better staying home. You have got idiots being allowed to drive Motorhomes or tow caravans without a clue as to road or campsite etiquette . What is interesting is that many youngsters are buying caravans and towing them blissfully unaware that, in many cases, they need to take a further driving test to allow them to tow vehicles otherwise they are breaking the law and as such their Insurance will become void. Pity the profiting Caravan dealers don’t make them aware of this when they buy the caravans. Hopefully next year will revert to some sort of normality .
  10. Still away with Motorhome so sorry guys you’ll get the same today albeit I thought I would be creative and show you the back as well I will be home by Saturday so looking forward to giving you something different then
  11. Thanks @graham60. I have spoken to the Company today .in fact spoke to one of the directors, Gordon, and will be making a purchase next Monday. We had quite a nice conversation and he asked where I spotted the watch. I told him it had had a favourable write up in Oracle Times so he was quite pleased. Unfortunately I hadn’t seen the earlier reviews as I only joined in June but I did do a search prior to posting and got nothing back. That was probably due to my inexperience of the site
  12. Like the citizen in particular. Incidentally for a man who has so many watches do you own or have you ever come across Marloe Watches, based in Scotland so I am led to believe
  13. I am a proud owner of a Rolex watch which was given to me as a fortieth birthday present by my wife many years ago . I love the watch , dare I say, as much as my wife but the watch only gets worn for my pleasure. What really annoys me is when I make a fairly substantial purchase and some smart arse salesman sits there in front of me wearing a Daytona or sub mariner and who knows jack **** about it other than the fact that it looks “flash”. I normally make a comment about how big a commission he must earn and usually end up going elsewhere and purchasing from a competitor company
  14. Although not engaged in any diving or snorkelling activities I do believe that a good watch collection should have at least one Diver watch. I don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on a diving watch but would like to own a reasonably priced diver watch. I was trawling the web yesterday and came across the Marloe Watch Company which is based in Scotland. They have some nice collections and in particular a diver watch collection called Morar which appear to be very reasonably priced. Does any member own one of these watches or can anyone provide any further information about the quality of these watches?
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