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  1. This isn't intended in any way to promote the brand but I've just received an email announcing a significant discount on the Atlantic Spirit Range £975 down to £699 for an Automatic Chrono.- Not bad if your looking for a Christmas discount https://www.marloewatchcompany.com/products/atlantic-chronoscope-spirit#
  2. Yuck more likely to get a better watch out of Christmas Cracker. I like Hamilton watches but this is a P!!s take
  3. It’s finally arrived. That little parcel that I was waiting for took 3 Posties to carry it from the van to the door That little parcel turned out to be a bloody big box which I first thought was an urn Then I saw the word Ornake and instantly knew. It was the long lost raffle prize from Bricey. So opening the box I found this You can see now why I thought it was an urn And using a crowbar I finally wrenched the top open and low and behold look what was in it. So I tried it on . It fitted like a glove, it was so light and looked really impressive.
  4. Hey, hey! guess what’s just arrived? Looks very nice on and really light and comfortable to wear. Many thanks @bricey. Fabulous raffle and lots of happy people-well done.
  5. Hamilton again today . Just hoping that Post Brenhinol might arrive with a little package later Have a great Friday all
  6. Nothing wrong with the Kingsbury but coming back to this Glasshutte I find the date rather obtrusive . It is a watch first and foremost not a calendar. The date should be more subtle. It might look like a Kingsbury but I think you’ll find there is a world of difference in the watch build but the Kingsbury is good value for money.
  7. Here’s hoping. It must have been the spelling-in Welsh lol or it has been sent via Oversees mail. I’ve no doubt it’ll turn up otherwise I want my money back and I might even sue I’ve every faith in you Bricey
  8. Well only to be expected really. I live on a different planet as far as the Royal Mail is concerned- cupboard still empty for me . Hopefully I’ll get my reward sometime next week. You did send it via International post didn’t you @Bricey well done to all that participated and once again sincere thanks Colin
  9. See what I mean Jack? It always ends up this way lol
  10. Out for lunch today so the Eterna is quite appropriate . Have a great Thursday all
  11. Stunning looking watch and I would be more than comfortable with the 41 mm but I have to agree with @Littlelegsthe gold version is too ostentatious and yes too much “bling”. Price is a bit eye watering as well.
  12. Jack - these posts come up on a very regular basis and what happens is you tend to get alot of posts suggesting this watch and that watch which, I’ll be honest, confuses the matter even further. The only advice that I will give you is it is your money, your choice. Keep it simple. Go to a reputable dealer , try on a variety of different options and make your own decision. That way if, in a few months/ years your preference changes you only have yourself to blame. Omega watches are lovely watches. I have two my recent one having been purchased back in June.I’ll say no more. Just enjoy the experience of being “courted “ by the ADs and whatever else happens enjoy your purchase.
  13. And so you can get your own back and other members can avoid them like the plague who was this original company?
  14. Think positive resealable value just increased hugely
  15. I borrowed this book from Amazon Prime. It was quite a scary read. All I’ll say is it involved a corrupt Chinese leadership, reference to Covid 19 and then Covid 24 and Artificial Intelligence which surprisingly was on the agenda of the MI6 chief yesterday. An interesting read .
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