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  1. I’ll join you for coffee whilst deciding what to wear on my wrist today Decision made .It’s the Meistersinger today. 100 years between these two. Both look good. Have a good day all
  2. Sun is shining so a simple Seiko with a nice orange dial to match Have a good day all
  3. I noticed this one today and immediately thought of @SolaVeritate . Could this challenge the Borg? only $41379.99 at Ashford .com Oh, of course there would be VAT and agents fees to pay if you bought this from the States
  4. Yet another Citizen. Really comfortable to wear and generally a very nice watch. It has a really nice domed crystal Have a great day all
  5. Citizen Eco Promaster Tough. One of my favourites Have a great day all
  6. Thanks guys for the great input that you've given. It's not made my life any easier, in fact it's making things more difficult, but then again I did ask for input and you have given me plenty of other options to mull over..There are some watches that you've suggested that I've already had a good look at, and, which I've either put on my short list or already eliminated.. I hadn't originally thought of Steinhart but having viewed their website I do like the Nav. B-Uhr 44 Dual time Titanium and the Nav B-Uhr Date Vintage grey. Stowa is a brand that has been around for years and which is renown for its quality so that stays on the list. Speedbird is a brand that I'm not at all familiar with but having had an initial look at them on line it does tick most boxes for me and the price is very competitive. Longine, in this instance, doesn't "float my boat" and although a good quality brand like the Oris it tends to be sitting in that middle ground. In my view I'd probably rather wait a while longer, pay a bit more and move into the luxury range and look at the IWCs Dekla and Laco certainly appear to offer value for money. I particularly like the Dekla 42mm Type B and the Laco Aviator Augsburg 39 and price wise they definitely would add to my shortlist. Hamilton, again, a well respected brand similar to Stowa is offering a new Pilot Pioneer which I will probably pursue further Steeldrive, like Orient and Parnis offer some really good value for money watches and for £150 the Steeldrive SD 1903 "Pilot" automatic is excellent value, but like the Parnis they are both big case size watches with 50mm + lug to lug measurements. I know that some would say that Pilot Watches need to have large Case sizes. They might but it isn't my preference and pilots of yesteryear managed quite well on smaller case diameters.. There is one brand however that nobody has mentioned and one which I have to admit caught me unaware and that is the Farer Pilot Automatic. There are two models, the Bradfield and the Morgan. The latter looks somewhat more like the traditional pilot watch but there is something about the Bradfield which feels quite unique and at the same time mysterious. @Bobby123 quoted earlier that " I actually find a lot of pilots watches a bit boring" This Bradfield looks far from boring. Lug to lug they are 45mm, case diameter 39.5mm and lug width 20mm. It looks very easy to read, with an uncluttered dial and well defined hands. It has a prominent crown of 6mm (like the old pilot watches had) and it runs on a well respected Sellita SW200-1 automatic movement. Admittedly, these two are not the cheapest buy but they do fall within the current budget for this particular purchase Do have a look and give me your thoughts? https://farer.com/collections/pilot-watch
  7. Although not planning on shelving out just yet I am getting restless. I’m looking to purchase a decent pilots watch. I’m not looking to part with silly money in the luxury watch range-yet which will take out your IWCs , Breitlings, TAGs etc but I do want to get something decent for day to day wear. It doesn’t need to have any complications so I have “whittled” my current interest down to Yema, Alpina Startimer if Hamilton but then I stated to look on line and I came across some interesting brands like Farer, Stowa, Laco, Kenziele flieger, Wancher flugel and Perseo Nighthawk. Preferably I’m looking for an automatic movement and a case size of 39-42mm. I like the look of the Yema , Alpina and Hamilton but know very little about the other brands with the exception of Stowa. Any one own any of the other brands? If you do can you share the pros and cons please?
  8. Solid as a rock. Marloe Monday Have a good day all
  9. Someone bring on a Chinese watch just in case
  10. This one hasn’t been out for some time so let’s get the Russians in the picture today Hey the sun is shining at last . Have a great day all
  11. Being relatively new to this forum I didn’t really know Taffyman but from the response here he was well liked by the forum members which In Itself is a tribute to him. my sincerest condolences go to his family and friends gorffwys mewn heddwch
  12. This one needs a day’s outing Gave a good day all
  13. Simple Eterna today Have a good day all
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