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  1. @PC-Magician - you may be able to answer this given you have so many CW watches. Being new to this I'm not sure if this is normal or not - when I moving the watch I can quite clearly hear the rotor spinning/rattling - normal operation?
  2. Didn’t expect to see sevens on a watch forum. Obviously Sevens and watches are a good match. Here’s mine….
  3. So DPD arrived this morning with this. Well pleased with it - a nice change too as my 3 other watches are all on steel bracelets
  4. As a complete amateur and newbie to this I am happy with my current 3 which becomes 4 watches tomorrow. Have a CW C63 Sealander GMT inbound
  5. I know how u feel - I'm waiting on the postie arriving tomorrow with a new purchase as well
  6. I recently bought a BB Chrono as my first serious watch purchase. Don’t regret it in the slightest and it just feels the ‘right’ watch for me
  7. Thanks, that’s very interesting. The watch seems to be losing around 1 second per day. I’ll try different positions over the next while and see do any make it better or worse
  8. Trying to figure out how to add a photo https://m.imgur.com/t9e2mAE Here it is - hope link worked
  9. Sorry if this is a stupid question - I’m new to the world of watches, so prob the first of many….. just bought myself a Tudor Black Bay Chrono last week. In terms of placement of the watch when not wearing it, should I leave it face up, on its side, something else? Or does it not make any difference?
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