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  1. There's a lot of research and production errors on the DeLorean. The guy that restored the original was supposed to oversee the production of the parts, but Eaglemoss couldn't hold their horses so there were a lot of shortcuts which led to some silly and unforgivable errors, like the engine has an automatic gearbox but there's a manual gearstick inside. I always wanted a decent scale Tulipwood Hispano Suiza. My next target is a 1/18 Bentley Blower 4.5. I'll put a few more pictures of other models that I have some time.
  2. If you own an Android phone there's a working 3D model in the Play Store. I believe there's a whole lot more info that we don't know about our ancestors that's buried deep in the deserts and oceans. A vast knowledge database was destroyed in the fire of the Alexandria Library, which probably took thousands of years of knowledge and studying with it.
  3. A few of my collection (3 of the latest additions). The E-Type and BTTF Delorean are both 1/8 scale partwork builds from DeAgostini and Eaglemoss respectively. Whereas the 1/18 scale Tulipwood Hispano Suiza is a find from a famous online marketplace.
  4. That smiley was my reaction when I realised what had gone on with it. I thought 'Not a Thos Wagstaff, surely?' Finding a case has been a bit of a task though. I've even considered re-casing it as a miniature mantle clock under a small glass dome.
  5. When I finished my apprenticeship in 1983 I decided to go it alone. One day an elderly lady came into the shop and gave me a box, quite a large box, too. Inside there was all sorts of watch/clock paraphernalia - including this beauty: Thomas Wagstaff of London. Verge fusee dated 1750 under the dial. Benjamine Franklin owned one of these between 1706 - 1790. His watch realised $34,500 at auction. But that one was in a 18k gold case - mine isn't.
  6. Hi all. Not sure if anyone can help, but I have a Barbos Black Diver that I've owned for a few years. It's served me well, but it's developed a problem with either the crown or the case. I'm hoping it's just the crown. The problem is the screw locking crown won't screw in any more. Over the last year it had become a bit difficult to tighten and undo, until one day it just wouldn't screw in at all, so I'm guessing a stripped thread on either the crown itself or a worse scenario of a stripped thread on the sleeve. I have taken the watch to various jewellers/watchmakers but they've all said I'll have my work cut out getting it repaired. I can't find a lot of references to Barbos on the web anymore. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Hi all New to this forum but not new to watches having served time as a watchmaker in the early '80s It was my first job when I left school and really enjoyed the big stuff like church turret clocks and grandfather clocks.
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