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  1. ...and so the Blue Bay 58 arrives - Sadly the nato doesn't fit me, but that's fine as I intend to get custom straps on all of my pieces anyway. So here's what we're dealing with so far, very happy - BB58 925 (on leather) incoming.
  2. Will do, expecting the Blue Bay within the next 48 hours, 925 will follow (which is in the AD safe - paid and with my name on it) I'll have it shipped the moment I strap on the Blue Bay and love it as much as I'm expecting to!
  3. I've actually gone with 3. Seamaster, BB58 925, and BlueB58. I felt like the Seamaster was too good of a watch to not own, and of course... my OP explains the Tudors, can't wait for those to arrive. Omega already arrived -
  4. I'm brand new to this forum so I don't know what the consensus is here when it comes to Tudor - but I'm sure we all know in general what the typical thoughts and attitudes towards Tudor are. For me - it's time to buy my first Swiss Watch, I've always loved them from a'far and I like to think that I know quite a lot for somebody who has never owned one, I love watching youtube watch content, seeing other peoples collections, keeping up with latest releases, and reading brand history. I researched in every which way - and ultimately had the internet persuade me that the - 2021 Omega Seamaster with white dial on black rubber strap - was the one I wanted, the value is exceptional, plus both on paper and in the metal - it looks phenomenal. Initially in my mind whenever a Tudor would appear on screen, my brain was programmed to tell me (just get a Rolex), but I could almost feel my pupils dilate each time those Tudors caught my eye, and it's not the price, in reality I could buy a Submariner, but I see something else in both the Black Bays and 58s, the Harrods, Ceramic, Bronze, Sterling Silver, the Rouge, it's the vintage charm, they seem to catch my eye with a crisp and refined look, and yet they can look almost antique at the same time... they just appeal to me? ...but the programming in my brain would say (yeah but it's a Tudor... "what will the forum think? what will my co-workers ask (nice Rolex? Is it real?) do I really just want a Rolex?" I pulled the trigger on the Seamaster, email confirmation... status on the AD website changed to processing... and it felt... wrong. I stared at the Submariner no-date for a while, fully prepared to spend £10,000 / $14,000, and nothing "clicked", it's not what I want. The reality is, for my first watch - I want that Black Bay Fifty-Eight 925, there's no escaping it, I want it to be my first watch, I want it to tarnish, let physics and chemistry take its course and watch it transform into unique silver patina, wear and enjoy it daily and keep it forever. I don't get that feeling with the Seamaster or a Submariner, I may own these watches in the future, and I feel they may "come and go", but nothing seems to feel right like that BB58 925, so I cancelled the Seamaster for now, and I've purchased the 925. I'm Brad, happy to be here. I'll post wrist pic when it arrives.
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