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  1. Those are nice thanks. It just seems skx007 dials with dual date windows are less plentiful than the single date ones
  2. Hi All, Not sure where to post this, but I bought an old SKX007 7s26 and did a bit of restoration on the movement. I stripped it down and got it running,(Hurrah my first service!) but the crystal and dial are in bad nick. However after tralling the net for a replacment dial in a different colour that the standard black, I found most of the modder sites and ebay only seem to have dials in differnt colours with a single calander window. There seems to very little choice out there with dials that accomodate the 7s26-0020 day date window. Can anyone advise where I could source aftermarket dials to suit? SKX007 7s26 Dial Replacemet
  3. Yes, thanks you we're right. Patience did pay off.
  4. Beautiful watch. For me when I was a kid I always wanted my Dad's watch, he wore it as far back as I can remember. Untill he received a gift of another watch for his retirement from the firm he worked for. One day, out of the blue he told me he was leaving me both watches to me in his will. The following year he just gave them to me, I was floored, and thus began my horological journey. I restored both as best I could. (See pics) So I guess I have my 2 grail watches.:) BTW my Dad just turned 99 and we talk about watches often now.
  5. Lol oh I factored that in too. The battery bays are clearly marked.
  6. Hi Thanks for that, I had tried an AG13 earlier today, but the battery seems a little tall in the bay, before that I tried an AG12 which looked like a perfect fit, but still no life.
  7. I'm new too, I have discovered one can use a flicker account to upload your pics, then click share, then copy the link. Then on this forum just past that link within the text you are writing and the image appears. Welcome aboard, nice to meet someone who's only just arrived here after me PB
  8. Hi all, Does anyone know where I could get a replacement bezel insert for this Sekio 7T92-0CF0 restoration project of mine. Not the whole bezel, just the insert? TIA PB PS I didn't do this to it BTW!
  9. It was part of a job lot of watches, i have already bought a card of various size batteries, the ones that fit the best don't get it to light up. I was just trying to make sure if the watch us buggered or I haven't used the right size. I also thought maybe someone on here had a similar module, like Mercury Time or Gruen. I'm not sure I have an emotion attachment as such, but I'd love to see it up and running is all. Thanks PB
  10. pic of the watch here https://flic.kr/p/2meW4YA
  11. Hi all I cant share the actual pic of my watch, below is a similar one on pintrest. However, the back of my one reads "Carled US Module Red Led watch Serial No. 732-016 https://www.pinterest.ie/pin/326862885428099538/ I am trying to find out what batteries it takes. as you can see from the ointrest image this watch was sold under many other brand names. I have not been able to fine "Carled" anywhere. TIA PB
  12. Thanks, How does one add a profile pic?? Also how can I share watch pics that are, for instance in my flicker account, as it doesn't seem to allow anything that doesn't have a proper url? Thanks John
  13. Hi everyone, I've just joined, and have been trying to learn about watch repair. I hope to be able to show some pics of watches i have bought and ask for your help in getting parts etc for them. Nice to meet you all PBateman
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