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  1. Lovely :thumbsup: I'm wearing an Ingenieur today
  2. LOL. I guess I can join in with this :derisive: wearing the one at the top today :thumbsup:
  3. TBH Jon, I'm not sure I like them very much. Prefer the "old" models from what I've seen so far :sadwalk:
  4. I've just realised why Mach insists on staying up until midnight to start the Sunday threads. It's obviously so he can then decide just exactly how old a watch has to be in order to be shown on a Sunday. This week the "old" watch thread is pre-95 (because he's wearing a watch from '92?). I'm sure last week it was pre-1980 (so last week the watch he's wearing today wouldn't have been considered old enough?) :lol: So in protest I am showing what has become my Sunday watch, pre-2009 :tongue2:
  5. Is that a recent arrival :blink: keep up, Phil. I bought two of them when Eddie released them last November - this is the other (on a Rhino) :tongue2:
  6. how about a Precista PRS-3LE? excellent build quality, great bracelet & not too big. :thumbsup:
  7. Wearing this beast this morning Sinn U1000
  8. :dontgetit: You could always do what one of our members does and cover the bracelet with sellotape. OK, so he only covers the clasp, but the whole bracelet could be covered to increase protection :bag:
  9. Yes, and it was a bit nerve-wracking, i must admit :shutup:
  10. five? :shocking: ok then, here are my five..... Panerai PAM233 Seiko Marine Master 300m IWC Ingenieur IWC Ocean 2000 Sinn U1000
  11. still cold at Silver Hawk Towers I see? :P I'm actually wearing something Pre-'85 today so I can join in. Aquadive Model 50
  12. Planning on staying inside as much as possible this weekend, and starting off with my Seiko Marinemaster
  13. another recommendation for these people. :thumbsup:
  14. Not feeling at my best this morning for some reason, but have strapped on this little beauty Considering going back to bed now :lazy2: Happy New Year, everyone
  15. I've only really two that are firmly on my list for next year, but I've included another three possibles for the sake of the thread :P firmly on the list... Panerai 232 Ennebi Fondale (currently discussing options with Alessandro Bettarini) penciled in... IWC Aquatimer "Cousteau" 3548 Panerai 312 Precista PRS-30
  16. Glad to hear it, Steve, and good to hear from you again, too. Happy Christmas :) Me? I'm wearing my Inge today
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