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  1. Just tried sending you a pm and it said the same thing in red text!! John..
  2. Pretty sure my two are original right down to the poxy out of line day! May be wrong though!!) Can anyone say whether the different cases can be swapped with any 6139 movement as I have a nice helmet case but the movement was stripped, I also have a not so nice cased chrono too! I presume it would have to have it's own dial fitted as it obviously fits the helmet case, I'm planning on keeping the left one as is but use a pusher from the right one to replace the top non original one on the left watch then use the movement for the helmet case! I'd have to send the watches in to be done as my fingers aren't very dextrous these days (Arthritic!!) Does anyone know who does work on these chrono's as I have a couple more that needs a service on one and a staff/crown on the other, The right one is a non original crown that I fitted after it's own was lost (I may actually have a staff and crown for it actually!!) John
  3. It was Bond, I used to pass it every day on my way to work until the planners stopped us driving through the Whicker!! My father was a driver for Tommy Wards scrap division, Wages were rubbish but the fiddle made up for it!! John
  4. Have to say Roger, Those fruits and bowl are brilliant!! I once bought a Record 24dml from the bootsale, I had a chat with the seller, He'd bought it as a hobby but when he saw the amount of shavings in his garage, He didn't use it again! , He asked £20 for it! , The rest was missing so he gave me his address and I went over to his in the afternoon, He'd found the rest along with a box of Marples chisels, I gave him a tenner for the chisels and came away happy! I never did set it up due to not having room but on a Bushcraft forum a chap had a Granville Senior metal lathe, He'd tried turning wood in it but found it too restrictive and wanted to swap it for a wood turning lathe, I offered the once used Record which he jumped at so we met in Derby and did the trade!, Forgot to say, I acquired a set of chucks for the Record, I was telling a mate at work about it, Turned out his uncle was managing director there, He brought me the £300 set and wouldn't take anything for them!, He only wanted a breakfast buying on the friday! This is the Granville, It's loosely based around a Myford 7, Apparently a few of the parts are interchangeable but the bore through the spindle is slightly larger than on the myford at around 17mm, It means I could thread most rifle barrels for sound moderators, Some of which would be slightly too thick to pass through the Myford spindle (Have a Myford 7 too!) I bought some exotic woods/Burrwoods to put some knives together but ended up sending most of the stuff to a lad that wanted to have a go!! John
  5. Yes, It's keeps the crystal flat, I think rubbing the crystal with the emery cloth would result in edges being rubbed away with any slips of the hand!! I could have done with some much finer abrasive cloth/paper and gone down in grit sizes to keep removing tjhe scratches but didn't have any!! This fella does an excellent job of creating a mirror from a sheet of stainless steel- Amazing job!! Pretty sure the same result could be had with mineral glass too with the correct kit.. John
  6. Brasso, Solvol Autosol, T Cut, Almost any abrasive polish will clear scratches from acrylic, mineral is a bit tougher to do though, Cerium oxide is normally used but here's an old SQ that doesn't run but the mineral crystal was in a state, I used emery cloth then Autosol and lastly brasso as it's not as coarse as Autosol!! I used a sheet of glass for flatness and held the watch byt the bracelet and rubbed, It took around 30 minutes to get to the final state but could do with another ten mins!! In this pic i'd gotten rid of the deep scratches on two different grades of abrasive cloth and am about to use the solvol autosol applied to card, Had to replace the card a couple of times as it wore away! This is how I held the watch! And the finish, needed a bit more rubbing, Silvo can be used as a final poish as it's less abrasive than any of the other stuff John
  7. WOWSER!!! Some brilliant pics here!! My feeble ewfforts John
  8. I may have got it wrong although the ST96 stands out in my mind for some reaon!!, It's years since i've messed with watches and normally, I can't remember what I had for dinner yesterday!! EDIT- Just popped the back of the Rpodania, It's AS1714!!, My memory is worse than shot!! John
  9. I have several watches with (I think) ST96 movements, Most of them have broken mainsprings, I'm wondering if it's a weakness with this movement This was the latest to suffer the bad luck although it actually broke years ago, Almost straight after I bought it but it's so nice that I can't bring myse;lf to scrap it and there's no repaires that I know of near by 9ct Rodania. Hmmm, I recalled someone saying about a place at Doncaster that repairs older watches, Probably only 25 or 30 miles from me too! John
  10. Hi all I've had this watch for years, Got it for a quid at the bootsale, It runs well and keeps time to say how scruffy it is inside(Shorter hand is actually the minute hand!!)I reckon it must have been a plaything for the kids and had no crystal in or something!! Over on facebook a chap that restores watches says he will fully restore it for £600, Would the watch be worth £600 when restored or would it be a pricey project?, Is that the going rate for a full resto? (Never had one done before!!) I don't actually have £600 spare at the moment so had to tell the chap that it'll have to wait (Been off work for ten weeks after a replacement knee!!).. John
  11. johnbaz


    Roller Daimler V250 John Some aeryplanes that kept going by making a racket!! The sky was very moody back at this show! A35? And a Frog eyse coming at me! A couple of prancing horses John
  12. johnbaz


    A couple more.. Daimler SP250 Daimler 15hp Bristol John
  13. johnbaz


    Yep, I think that was a Vanguard, I can recall my aunty having one when I was a kid, She used it to work for a Taxi company called Abbey Taxis!! A nice classy old Lagonda John
  14. johnbaz


    Well Karrusel, They were supposed to be pipes for the petro-chemical industry! How were we to know that pipes for the petro-chemical industry shouldn't have an eight ton breech?! John
  15. johnbaz


    Deano, I work at Forgemasters and at certain times of the year we are subject to things called Triads, This involves shutting the whole firm down (Everything electric has to be turned off) for up to two hours at peak times, If we don't then it's possible that the grid could go down, For any power we use we get charged something like thirty times the normal cost! I can't see the grid holding up if everyone suddenly acquired electric cars! John
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