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  1. Turn right at Orion is a good book John
  2. Hi all I have a couple of Walthams This one has the same scene on the front and back of the case.. And a rather grotty wristwatch that runs pretty well! John
  3. Here's mine It gave the original owner problems when screwing the crown down, It turned out that the tube wasn't correctly fitted so it was simply recased under warranty! It comes with a spare complete winder, Crystal, Bezel and caseback as a result!!, Coincidentally I was supposed to be buying one from Barnsley for £100 (From facebook marketplace), It was a bit rough too, When I got to the house a chubby little wife said he'd texted me ten mins before but I was zooming up the M1 at the time, She said he's broken the shaft whilst setting the time and was out getting it fixed!, More like he got a better offer, It was marked as 'Sold' and was never re offered for sale It all turned out for the best as the one I bought above was only £85 posted and is 'as new'!! John
  4. That fella was a great all rounder!, I feel that if everyone in the world stopped smoking, He alone could keep the tobacco industry going! John
  5. I just found a channel on Twitch, It's called RaggySingh, He plays good old rock n roll on a Telecaster!!, Love it!! Raggy on Twitch! John
  6. Cheers Norm, Always nice to glean some info on these oldies John
  7. Hi all, Found a few old watches out yesterday so I wound them and set the time roughly correct and found them to be still running and keeping time (except one that had gained a few minutes!) Anyhow, I liked the look of this one so had it on all day! It has solid lugs so can only use open ended straps (Like the one fitted) Or Nato/Zulu!! I like the tall Arabics and slender hands! John
  8. I found another one last night that i'd forgotten about, This one has a broken balance staff so is a non runner, It's a (Cheapo!) Baumgartner BF 158 which is exactly the same designation as the auto one yet looks so different as this one is manual wind! This dial makes me think of a sea with normal sky at the horizon and high mountains in the distance! John
  9. I have an old Kander with a Baumgartner BF158 25j auto movement within, It used to run many years ago but really struggles to run, No doubt due toi thickened dried oil! It did actually got for quite a while after I shook it with the caseback removed but with really low amplitude!! By the way, With how the lugs stand higher than the rest of the case I feel there may have originally been a bezel fitted, Ala faux dive watch John
  10. I bought this cal 89 some years ago at the bootsale for the knock down price of £1!! I think someone let the kids play with ti and they smashed the crystal and still played! It actually runs and keeps time but you have to remember that the shorter hand is actually the minute hand! I think it would probably cost way more than it's worth to get it restored! John
  11. I quite like Lorus, I once spent 30 mins polishing the mineral crystal on a blue dialled Lorus kinetic as it was scratched and burned rather badly, Foreman at work took a shine so I gave it to him as he was always great with us burners!!, Had before and after pics but lost them when I closed my photracket account! Anyhow, Here's a couple that I still have.. Uber cheap digi! This one came from Roy very cheaply too! Bought this one cheaply from Shpock! A bootsale catch!, The common word is 'Cheap' but they perform fine for being inexpensive!! John
  12. Some lovely gear there Norm! I would have cried my eyes out if someone sat on any of my guitars and broke them!! The scarfe joint that holds the headstock to the neck is just a flat glued joint so with a broken head there's more area to be glued as they never break off dead straight (Which means that the glued joint is stronger than the surrounding timber!), The more area of glue, The stronger the joint!! John
  13. Hi Ben Acoustics are my great love and Yammies seem to be brilliant at any price level!! I found this FG700 at a carboot sale, The headstock had been broken, I paid the grand sum of £1 for it and repaired it!!, It's turned out to be my 'Guitar at hand' in the bedroom! (Pc is in the bedroom so I sit up here mostly!!).. For a quid, Even if I just removed the machines and binned the rest I would be quids in!! but it plays lovely!! There were two breaks so I glued one up then clamped it, The next day I rep[eated the process with the second split, Had to pull slightly to open the smallest split closest to the nut to get the syringe and ensure full coverage of glue!, I've knocked the guitar over several times and really thought the headstock would come apart but it never has!, The PVA glue from work is brilliant stuff for wood! PS, Sorry for the bad pics! HAGWE John
  14. A couple more of mine.. Sigma 000m-15e Epiphone 12 string Hudson Bluenote Studio Epiphone EJ160 VC1 'John Lennon' Another Faith, Saturn I think (Dreadnought) A couple of Telecaster copies, First is an SX Tele, Second I have no idea!, Won it on fleabay some years ago, It had been in the sellers pantry for twenty or so years, The strigs were rusty, Don't know what the timber is but it feels like lead!! Washburn acoustic, I thought it was electro acoustic but it turned out to be an onboard tuner!! I got this cheap from the bootsale, It's called Oxen!, It plays lovely although I put really cheap strings on, I thought it would sound rubbish but it's not too bad, The actionn is nice too! 1970's Harmony Sovereign A couple my brother bought just to customise, He doesn't play, Just wanted them for the wall! I've given him a couple to add to them HAGWE. John
  15. Yes, It's the same movement Norm Cheers, John
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