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  1. Very nice setup Roger but your bins look like they say 8-20x50 to me, When you typed 8x20, It made me think back to when BSA rifles came with 20mm scopes! They were absolutely a waste of time!!- 50mm objectives will gather much more light!! HAGWE Cheers, John
  2. Hi HB I can't really remember what the Sky Masters were like, I tried them then they went in the spare room and are still there!! This covid has spoilt all sorts unfortunately John
  3. For larger/higher powered Bins, You'll most likely need a weighted parallelogram so that you can get comfy!, Like the one below! I have a couple of larger bins for staring at the sky but not really used them as I don't have the above bit of kit, Also, I prefer a telescope too! Here's a Celestron Skymaster 25x70, These are actually light enough to be comfy hand holding but the 25x makes it hard to actually hold them still, The smaller ones for scale are normal Nikon Monarch 8x42.. This is an old Swallow 15x80, Lovely and clear! I paid £35 for each set, The Swa
  4. Seeing if I can post pics of the Rekord!! A Rekord 'Exploding numbers' Qtz that I bought from Roy when he was selling some broken bits very cheap! It's so comfy to wear! The bracelet was broken and needed drilling out then a new pin fitting, It's fine now, I thing the watch was less than a tenner, Can't recall for sure though!! John
  5. I decided to reduce my airgun collection, Sold six Chinese ones then bought six more German ones!! Have to say Davy, That Precisionist is a beauty, Can't blame you for falling off the wagon and buying it!! John
  6. An old Sandoz on a leather Ralley type strap HAGWE John
  7. Four were in a toolbox that I use to store non runners, They're not in there any more but one seems to have turned up so three are still missing, If the one that turned up wasn't with those four in the box then I have seven but four are missing!! I probably explained it wrongly in my last post!! John
  8. Hi all I live in Sheffield and have six Summit watches although at the moment I can only find three of them!! The only one that works is the small one on the brown leather strap!, The one on the expanderactually runs but I think the dial washer is missing as it occasionally stops the hands, The The second hand runs well but no movement on the other two, I presume it's the canon assembly that's unmeshing! The Exander one says Gruen Precision on the caseback and is the only one that's all stainless, The other two are chrome plated! 'stainless steel Back
  9. The depth ratings are another!! 30m means no deeper than the shower head!! John
  10. I bought an AVI-8 a few months ago, It wasn't running when I bought it, just needed the battery replacing but works fine now! It's a Hurricane version rather than the Mustang one, Can't complain about the quality of it though as it's quite good! EDIT- Sorry, I clicked the submit button again in mistake for the add image one!! John
  11. I went back 60 pages and couldmn't find my contributions to this thread, I was on photobucket that far backl anyhow so the pics will have gone when I closed my account with them! Some more pics.. EDIT- Darn! I wish the insert image and submit thread buttons weren't so close together!! A few more that I bought since I took the above pic.. This one has had a hard life!! I was taken in by this Chinky fake!, I knew something wasn't right with the small crown that didn't wobble or screw down!!, The case back doesn't have the threaded ring
  12. Spome more Qtz watches.. , Sytill loads, Too many to post I think
  13. Hi Martin I had another in blue that I traded a silver Seiko 6139-6002 for but the chap said it had stopped so we traded back (By post) and when it arrived back to me the stopwatch hands weren't running so I opened the caseback and the watch was actually running, He'd pressed the button to stop the chrono!! The Seiko did however stop eventually around two years later!, There's something stuck as the second hand stops at 58 seconds, I reset it and it started up again until it arrived at 58 seconds again but it stopped the whole watch not just the chrono hand!! I
  14. Heck!!, I have a few hundred Qtz watches!! here's a few of my faves, They're mostly (All!!) cheapo's compared with the top end stuff though!! John..
  15. Hi all I'm not sure if I posted about this before but around ten miles south of me there's a place called Old Brampton, The clock on St Peters church has always had 63 minutes painted on the dial, It was repainted in 1997 but exactly as it was previously, I think the original dial painter may have had a liquid lunch!! John
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