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  1. Hi all I've had this strange one on the last couple of days! HAGWE John
  2. Sounds like it's worth getting repaired if you have heaps of money in lenses! I have a couple of D40's too and chanced upon a 500mm old lens with a 42mm thread, I bought a 42mm to Nikon type adaptor and although it can only be used in manual mode, It takes some good pics, The lens was cheap from the bootsale (It came with an old 35mm Pentax P30 camera!) This a pic with the standard 18-55mm DX lens that came with the camera.. And this is a pic with the long lens (+ a 2x multiplier fitted I think!) I was quite happy with the result as on manual focus I struggle to get clear pics since I started wearing specs!, It looks clear through the viewfinder but the pics are always blurry normally!! :D John
  3. Hi all I've a couple of Nikon D40 and a Nikon Coolpix S-8200 compact for convenience, It's getting a bit long in the tooth now though and after I dropped it a couple of times, Bits have come away and there seems to be dust in or under the screen! I looked at revues for the Panasonic Lumix range of compacts and took a shine to the TZ60, Found loads on fleabay and settled on one that I put a £70 offer on, It was accepted and arrived today.. It's in very good condition but upon turning the camera on, I get a warning that says 'This card was formatted by and externa device and is not suitable for recording', It's a brand new Sandisk Micro SDHC UHS-I card in an adaptor, The manual says SDHC is fine with the camera, I couldn't find out how to reformat the card online, Eventually I found a reformat button in the 'Motion picture' setting in the menu, I pressed it and it started accepting the images but still gives the warning even though it works!! I tried five different SD cards in and got the same message with every one, Two were new from the packets!! I'm wondering now if there's something wrong with the camera even though it is actually working, I've never had this message with any camera that i've had! The camera The camera has a 30x zoom and image stabilistation which works quite well!, The old Nikon only had 14x zoom but at full zoom was useless hand held!! I really like the viewfinder too as it helps steady the camera at the high zoom when it's pressed against the cheek! It has WiFi and can be fired from a smartphone or tablet, It even has GPS and told me where I was!! It has more gimmicks than I know what to do with including all kinds of filters, I'm going to have to take a few hours to go through the manual as there's stuff on it that i've no clue what they do! Some pics I took this aft from my patio! This pigeon was up the Oak tree at the bottom of the garden, Around 100 feet away Our Daisy! I cropped this pic to fill the space a bit better.. A plant that the daughter in law got me in the conservatory! A couple of li'l trees.. At full zoom, I took the pic of the chimney and never noticed the Maggie!, I straightened this pic as I had the camera on a cant!, I must have cropped it too as the date is missing!! The Oak tree is the furthest one on the right.. And a Citizen 8200 auto/manual Citizen on the wrist in Macro mode (Cropped this too!) Love getting new toys!! john
  4. For 25 years service I was handed a catalogue and told to order anything up to 100 points, I I wanted anything more than that I had to put money to!, Pay for my own long service award!! Last I clocked up 40 years and got £2,000 plus two weeks extra holidays to take within 12 months!, I may lose them now as i've received a text from the NHS that i'm at risk from this virus and have to stay indoors for the next twelve weeks! We used to get beggar all for long service!! John
  5. Cheers Davy, I'll try polishing the scratch out, It's quite deep though! Kind regards, John
  6. I went and bought the watch, The chap was a big lad and said he couldn't wear it as the strap was too short!, I had the same problem! I could fasten it on the last hole but it wasn't comfy so I had a couple of 24mm straps on standby!! I ened up fitting the cheapo fleabay one that I 'won' on there for a pittance! It's really very comfy now! It's a bit large at 47mm across without the crown!! The fella claimed it to be unused but there are signs of someone wearing it as there's a deep scratch on the case, Down the lug at the left in this pic, There's a cat hair on the right side as our moggie had been asleep on my lap just before I toojk the pics!! John
  7. I've messaged them but it's been on a few weeks so it may have gone, Most of the time they don't bother to mark their items as sold uintil someone enquires about them after the sale!! John
  8. Cheers Davy I think i'll arrange to have a look at it, It said it was a gift and never worn!! John
  9. Are these any good as i've seen quite a nice second hand one, It's only £15!! EDIT- Forgot to put a pic up! It's a bit like the TW Steel canteen diver watches!! John
  10. Here's one i'd forgotten about, I bought it off Shpock for £25, It needed a battery so I fitted one and the watch wouldn't run right at all so I left the seller bad feedback, Eventually I tried another battery and it turned out that i'd bought a bad batch of them!! When I got some from a different source it ran fine!!, I couldn't see a way to rescind the negative feedback on there! The boxes always seem to be nice with Invicta watches! John
  11. I bought this Armani years ago from a bootsale for (I think) £8, It's been an excellent watch and the quality of the case is great!, I've seen some though are really terrible I think it has a Ronda Qtz movement inside from memory, I replaced the cell and found the caseback to be curved which made it slightly more difficult to replace!! As ever, It needed one more link to be ultra comfy so I occasionally look on fleabay, I shoukld set a notification thing up on there!! John
  12. I think my post from years ago has gone as I closed my photobucket account! Anyhow, This it Me and the missus getting hitched back in 1978! Some years later at her works christmas do! Me and me sister! Scruffy work pics! I'm the first fatty on the left in the boiler suit!! I think this is the most recent I have with my spare chins.. John
  13. Many years ago my Grandma lived in a block of six flats for the elderly, They had a communal bin place which was a locked brick built place attached to the side of the building, One day she went in to put some waste in her bin and found an old drawer full of Hornby Mechano Dublo railway stuff!, She took it all in to her flat and phoned my mum to tell her to get me to go and collect it!, There was loads of the tinplate triple line track, Diecast intersections with all sorts of other accessories and around six very heavy Loco's and about twenty or so tin carriages- There was even one of those that a door opened and caught a bag of mail from a post trackside! It had the special bit of track that made the door open to catch it!! there were no transformers or speed controllers but I picked them up cheaply at the bootsales!! It turned out that her two neighbours above her were both in their 90's and were sweetheart train enthusiasts!- They were getting married and moving in together and apparently he had a huge layout so hers wasn't needed anu more!! I still have it all somewhere but not seen them in years!! EDIT- This was the smaller 00 guage John
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