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  1. Have this on today but it's on a bracelet now John
  2. WOW!! Thanks Spineynorm, I googled but couldn't really find anything! (Not very good with this computer malarky!! ) John
  3. I've a few Accurist watches, Here's a few that I found out today, There's some more somewhere! This one needs a crystal as it's own has crazy cracked!! Another manual wind with a damaged dial! I think they're not Swiss any more as the Qtz iones I have say Japan on them.. A couple of non runners.. I'll find more out tomorrow John
  4. Hi That's a nice old timepiece! I think the steel cover is actually to stop the balance spring becomning magnetised I've a couple of Cyma Navystar watches, One with centre seconds and one with sub seconds, Pretty sure yours is earlier though John
  5. Here's another watch, I think the red 12 has some significance but I can't recall what it was, maybe a nurses watch or something? Anyhow, It's running really well with a good swing of the balance and is still at the correct time!, This one is .925, The silver needs a polish though! A couple more I found out, These won't run though! John
  6. Hi all I've had this watch along with a few other silver ones in a box for years.. I wound it today and never realised that it actually runs!, The tip of the ornate hour hand looks to be missing, I put it right a few hours ago and it's still running and is still fairly correct!! No idea why it's gone a gold colour as silver normally turns black when it oxydises, Maybe it's due to neot being as pure as Sterling (.925).. Has anyone heard of J Leemans of Bruxelles, I think I should have opened the back and taken a pic of the movement!, Maybe tomorrow with dayli
  7. It's on a Bund now as I like them plenty!! John
  8. Here's a pic of a gp Bambino that I bought recently Here's a Mako2 that I won recently on fleabay! Seiko's can be picked up reasonably too.. John
  9. You could just collect Seiko watches and never ever get one of each model they've ever made!! John
  10. Smashing thread! That Sky Diver and the Hibeatron are beauties!! I've a couple of Technos, This is a small 9ct gold watch that was offered either on here or TZ (I can't remember which ) for a donation to a charity!, A friend at work gave me the inner and outer Goldsmiths box as he'd lost the watch that had been in it! Here's another that sadly, The paint on the dial has crazed and cracked worse than the old Vostok Amphibias!! Sorry about the rubbish pic! John
  11. Those are works of art!! I have a cal 89 IWC but the movement is rusty!! It only has two and a half hands too but it runs well (Somehow!! ) BTW, It does have Cotes De Geneve but my non existent photo taking skills didn't manage to pick them up!! John
  12. I can't wait for the postie to knock next week, I have a Panther mil style auto en route!! I think it will be going on one of Roy's Bund straps when it arrives!! My Hamilton Khaki has gone on to a tan one!! John
  13. The 'r' off imgur was missing!, I put the r in and googled it and it appeared!! That's a beautiful watch Alan I still have my latest purchase on that I bought from sales corner, Love it!! HAGWE John
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