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  1. Hi Fred I can only suggest a running search on fleabay, Parts and full watches turn up regularly on there I have a couple, One is in a state and also needs parts, The other should have one of those bracelets with small ends, I had to cut a leather strap to be able to wear it!, It runs very wll though! This one runs but can't be set as the crown staff is broken, The button is missing too!, The movement has moved round in the case as the staff is broken, I think the clamp screws are loose or missing too!! John
  2. I've six Solar watches (Seiko, Citizen and Casio) under a small bendy desktop lamp with a low wattage LED bulb in, None of them have ever stopped!! John
  3. Wow!! the watch looks fabulous, Pics are brilliant too! I only have one Victorinox, It's a Swiss Army auto chrono, Bought it secondhand from Facebook marketplace, It was only two mins from me!! John
  4. I started a few a while back, I can do some more later, I have to take our puddy tat to the vets shortly!! Whilst looking at googled images for Piecarlo D'Alessio I found a pic and clicked on it, It brought me to Honour's topics, He did a thread about them that I missed!! By the way, Here's the Altanus that I mentioned, I think I bought it from Pauluspaulo but may be mistaken, I think I bought iot from this forum though! Love those Cathedral hands!! Unitas undecorated movement.. John
  5. Here's a couple Oskar Emil.. Lorus and Pulsar don't seem to get much mention, J Springs either Has anyone even heard of Piercarlo D'Alessio?? Sorna!! There's heaps more I could post like Dan Henry, Altanus, Cyma and others, Trouble is that possibly they've gone out of business through the years John..
  6. I have a few Kinetics and have to say, I'd never buy another!! I don't wear them often enough to keep them charged, I must have four or five of which only one still charges!, Years ago I bought two replacemnent rechargeable cells from AG Thomas, Neither would charge so may have been a bad batch, I've also bout a couple from fleabay (For other peoples watches), They worked fine!! I should have sent them back to Thomas's but never got round to it, It stopped me buying again from them though I love Solar watches though as I have a small lamp on above the pc for around 16 hours a day (An
  7. I suppose my lads will each take what they want then the rest will go on fleabay, Trouble is that I collect all sorts of things, Airguns, Binoculars, Machinery, Guitars and lots of other stuff too.. The wife said she'll order a skip for my guns!! John
  8. Anyone watching it on youtube? I think there's around 45mins to the actual touchdown.. Love this type of stuff, It's science fiction turned fact!! John
  9. A couple of Sparras!! And their nemesis if they come to ground, It belongs to neighbours, It mostly accounts for woodies though Nesting time! John
  10. I can't recall what colour this dial is but i'm pretty sure it's neither black or white! Just found this, It's a brown/grey colour! Always believe in your soul... John
  11. I tend to prefer brown/Oxblood on gold and black on stainless but any colour can end up on a watch dependent upon what I have at the time!! These two are the wrong way around, I don't think it matters too much actually!! John
  12. Cheers Wrench- That's the exact same movement, I think they made tens of millions of them!! John
  13. Hi all Has anyone heard of this manufacturers name? I've had this was for a couple of decades minimum and recently found it in a box of stuff! I wound it up and away it went! A shot against a 7750 powered Swiss Army watch for a size comparison.. It's the standard Chinese manual wind movement, I have more of them somewhere, Not sure where though!! I don't know what the calibre designation is but it's the one that has the bridge that spans right across the movement between the barrel and balance that holds the train in place.. I have a vide
  14. A couple more.. 9ct Rodania. Seiko with worn gp. 'Nuther Seiko.. Sequenta gilt Seiko Qtz in gp. Another gp Seiko Qtz Everite skeletal. Edox manual wind gp. John..
  15. My most recent goldie is this Orient Rose gold (Plated), Have to say I love this watch! Valjoux 7734 manual wind Carronade Bullhead gp that's signed Sicura on the top plate! Seiko Digi in gp.. Glycine gp Oris gp Sackville Rolled gold. Had this Accurist for many years, Out of boredom during furlough I fitted a battery for the first time and set the time correctly, Had to Google how to! Another, Older Accy And another.. And another! Ol
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