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  1. Some real quality stuff shown in this thread! I stopped smoking in '06 due to finding out I was asthmatic!, I used to collect them years ago though with my dad, He was a lorry driver hauling scrap and used to bring bags of them home occasionally believe it or not!! My mum was given a ladies Ronson that was round and tapered towards the top, I still have it somewhere, It has two faceted stones at the pivot for the hood to open, She said they were diamonds but I wouldn't think so but Molly (Mums friend) used to rub shoulders with some pretty high status folk after the war! When my dad
  2. Hi Strangely, I've never had a grail guitar, I do have probably around thirty spread out round the house though, I struggle to get in to my gunroom due to guitars being piled on the rifles! I think that the prettiest guitar I have is this 1960 Hofner President but it sounds awful!!, I put new light guage strings on years ago as I thought heavy guage might be too much and damage it but it south shrill and orrid so it was detuned and put away, Going to try some 14's on it sometime!! The cedar topped/Mahogany backed Simon & Patrick is lovely to play (The
  3. I love Japanese watches and have a few iof each, Seiko and Citizen, There's also microbrands that use Seiko and Citizen movements My preference has always been for Seiko but i've seen some stunning early Citizen watches, On facey there seems to be loads of Citizen tripledaters, Have to say i've never seen one in reality but the pics are fabulous!! Here's some of mine, I've bought a few more since I took the pic!! Good luck with whichever brand you go with- wanting Japanese I feel you'll fare well John
  4. My puny efforts pale in to insignificance with the fab images already posted i'm afraid! This was my setup for the moon pics, The camera is a lowly Nikon D-40, The 500mm lens is a 42mm thread so I bought an adaptor and can't use it on auto mode as a result, There's a 2x multiplier fitted in the pic, Pretty sure I didn't have it fitted for the moonshots.. I tried shooting up our road at the houses at the top of the street, First with the stock 18-55mm DX lens then with the old long un.. I bought an Orion 8" reflector to have a go at
  5. Ours actually started last week but I didn't realise!! John
  6. Sorry for the late reply Kev, I'm actually in Sheffield I also bought a couple of cheapo pocketknives and a couple of other things, I went Marsh lane bootsale and one called Bowshaw Oooh!, That's a beauty!! John
  7. Hi all I picked up two watches this morning at the bootsale, A TV shaped Timex (Have a boxed one somewhere with the same gp TV shaped case!!) and an old Belstar LCD, The bracelet as ever was too small for my chubby wrists so I dug an old 20mm lizard style strap out and fitted that, I don't think i'll get to keep this one long as the mum in law has taken a shine to it!! The Belstar Alarm LCD was on an expander but one springbar was missing!, It was running but needed the time setting on it!, I found an old stainless hook and clasp type bracelet (Very thin and from around the 80's!) then
  8. I've seen a green one, Have to say it was a beauty too!! John
  9. A friend of mine spent all his money on Startwars merchandise many many years ago, They fill a whole bedroom!, They're sill in the original packaging, He put a few on fleabay and some went for hundreds of pounds!! He has a Dalek from the Dr Who TV show too, He travelled miles to buy it from the chap that designed or made them, Can't remember now, It's huge but not a motorised one! He want to Sci Fi conventions in the U.S. and has pics with loads of stars from the films! We gave all our kids Starwars stuff away when they stopped playing with them! John
  10. I quite like leather on dive watches but then, I've never been diving so they don't get wet!! Not actually sure it this is leather or sailcloth! John
  11. Thanks Roger I have a Youtube account, I think I uploaded it to youtube as well, Didn't think about that!! John
  12. Hi all I went down the garden to check on my overwintered little trees in the bottom greenhouse and noticed movemnt!! They saw me and hid but only for a few seconds then came out again, The sun was very bright behind me, I tried to take a couple of pics of them on my phone but they were useless so I went in the greenhouse and shot a short vid through the windows!! CLICK ME Not sure how to upload videos, Not sure if it will work, I added a link that I think will work, It's to my imgur account John https://imgur.com/xnf8PVw
  13. I dug the Aquaplunge out last night and coaxed the balance wheel a little, It sprang in to life and has kept time with my Bulova Oceanographer since around 1.30 this morn!!, It must have expelled something and it's still going now!! John
  14. Hi Bernie, I can't recall exactly what I paid but I think it was around a hundred quid (Second hand), It's number nine of one hundred limited run, I could find nothing about the brand when I googled it apart from one on fleabay!! It has a domed sapphire crystal which I like a lot! John
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