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  1. I've had a Crystron for years that wouldn't run with a new battery so it was put in a drawer, Found it out a few weeks ago and tried another battery with no joy so I gave a gear a little nudge with a small driver and away it wrent!! John
  2. This is on my left wrist. (Old pic).. This one is on my right wrist. (Again, An older pic!).. John
  3. Hee hee!! I have literally loads of Nato's and Zulu's, I think they only seem to look pok on certain watches though! I quite like this LE Seiko that actually came new on the thick Nato!! This Kronos style dive watch came to me on this leather Zulu! I preferred the grey Nato though (It's on a bracelet now though!! ) John
  4. Well, Yesterday actually!! It's modded in to a fifty Five Fathoms, I think the dial is a Yobokies product, The base is SNZH57, I was blown away by the condition of the watch as the pics were out of focus and grainy, In truth there isn't a mark on the steel and only one small ding on the bezel! It came with a bracelet, Two Nato's and the original dial!! John
  5. I traded an air rifle then realised months later that there was only one forend screw in so I stripped it and thought there was a broken in setscrew! Turned out that someone had tried cleaning the threads with a tap and maybe hadn't realised they were at the end of the hole and kept turning the tap!! I got it out by making a hole straight through with a thin diamond burr in the Dremel type tool!, Once i'd got right through I tapped it with a parallel punch and broke it in to bits, It hadn't damaged the threads and it has two nice shiney SS screws in now!! Two of the flutes that let the cuttings come out can be seen here, I was almost through! I ran one of my taps through just in case the threads were damaged but there was no resisitance so they were clear! I put an old blued Allen screw in until I got a couple of Stainless ones from work! Good luck with shifting the broken drill bit, Diamond burrs really do a good job if all else fails John
  6. Hi John Unfortunately it's a non runner, I'll have a look in it tomorrow but I think Cimier were bottom end watches so it's probably a pin pallet lowly movement!! I dug this old Omega out that was almost destroyed by a dodgy watch repairer!! Years ago they fitted a crystal that was too small, It fell out and the minute hand was pulled off by my shirt cuff I only just got around to refitting it but i'll have to order a couple of 298 crystals as they fitted a 296, Either that or get some crystal adhesive!! It's run faultlessly all day but still needs a crystal so i'll probably send it in for a service and crystal! (The movement looks dirty!) ATVB John Well!! I certainly spoke too soon!, The minute hand had touched the inside of the too small crystal and stiopped the watch!! It stopped at 10pm!! John..
  7. Smashing, Nice catch! I once bought around a hundred watches off fleabay for a tenner posted!, 98 of them were cheap Qtz but in among them was a Cyma Navystar with sub seconds that wound and kept good time, There was also a working Sekonda mechanical watch, Don't recall which one it was as i've quite a few of them! John
  8. I gave them a polish, The gp is worn through to brass on both unfortunately!! I have a kit that my mum gave me years ago that actually puts gold on to non ferrous metals, I've no idea where it is but if I find it then I bay have a go at these brassed cases!! John
  9. Ha ha ha!! The hands were absent when I bought them!! I also put a 6309-7040 divers watch together from parts years ago (Bry1975 gave me the dial which set me off sourcing parts from all over the world!), Had to buy the hands from Ramon in Hawaii, The hour hand went on perfectly, The minute hand was a little tight but the second had was too small on the bore, I tried broaching the tube out and it seemed like it was going on to the shaft when the tube of the hand suddenly split!! I couldn't find anothe Japanese second hand that would go on but ended up removing one from a Swiss 1j cheapo watch- It's still on the watch to this day!! I must have removed fifty second hands before I got (this) one that fitted!! John
  10. Hi all About fifteen years ago when I owned a National Electric watch cleaner, I stripped and cleaned this Glycine then reassembled lubricating as I went along, The watch wouldn't go when i'd finished so it was put in a drawer, There was no power to the balance whatsoever!, I just found it with a few more oldies, Without thinking I gave it a slight tap on the desk and blow me- It's started running strongly!! I have a feeling it will stop at some stage though!!, I think a bit of crud may have been trapped that was overlooked as I just put it back together withough inspecting the parts for cleanliness!! It's been running and keeping time for over three hours now though!!, It has an ST964 ebauche within, Found it on Rolands site, I couldn't make out the first digit and thought it was a 3, Ranftts site put me wise though!! The watch is quite an ugly old thing, The GP is worn through and it doesn't have a second hand, It has a shaft for one but it was missing when I acquired the watch!, May have to got through my old parts watches!! A couple of the others that seem to be running fine too! This is a Chateau and is powered by an ETA2783 which runs at 21,600 bph although it has damage to the dioal so the crystal was most likely broken at some point, I can't even recall buying this!! The 'Limit of Switzerland' has a damaged dial, I think the crystal must have broken for this damage to happen!, Like the Glycine it has a manual wind ST964, The second hand again, Is missing!! A few more that are running well, Didn't remove the caseback on these though! I also found this Cimier cheapo that won't start up, Couldn't be bothered to open it up but it has a nice Kiefer Xpandro sprung bracelet attached, Had to remove it and scrub the inside with fairy washing liquid and toothbrush as it was full of crud when I pulled it! I feel a deeper delve in to various drawers and boxes coming on!! John
  11. I don't know if they're still available but double sided sticky pads were available too so the dial foot wasn't even needed!, Just had to take care not to stick them over a pivot hole and ensure there was no oil present!! I'm pretty sure they were regarded as a bit of a botch but if they do the job- OK!! john
  12. My cousin had the Garelli, It actually did wheelies!!, Mine wouldn't but it was a lot heavier than his bike!! He was riding along here in Sheff and saw a biker up front so he chased it with throttle fully open and whizzed by the bike that was doing the speed limit, It was a motorcycle cop!! He was caught and issued a summons!! John
  13. WOW!! When I was fifteen I bought a Lambretta TV200 for £30, Also bought a KTM Comet Cross for £70 (Used to do window cleaning with a friend, Also did bags of ironing for my aunt who had a boarding house next door, It had sixteen bedrooms!!, It was a massive hose that stood in it's own block of the neighbourhood!!) but my dad who was a lorry driver and had seen loads of accidents/fatalities hated anything with just two wheels used to sabotaghe them so that they wouldn't start, Had to pay a fella to get them going each time!, I didn't know it was my dad that was making them not start, My mum told me years after he died!! She said he was scared of me going on the road and getting killed on them!, I was too scared to take them out, We lived in a big detached house with loads of land and outbuildings, I used to just ride them around the property!! When I got hitched at 19 and left home, I never saw the Lambo again or the KTM, I'm pretty sure my dad threw them in the back of the lorry and scrapped them! My brother paints bikes/Scooters and helmets for a living and said that even as a scrapper, It would be worth five grand now John.
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