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  1. Hi all I found a couple of screws in a cree torch, They held the pocket clip in place!! Cheers, John
  2. Hi Bond It was definitely a four cylinder and not a six!, I looked it up on the vehicle smart app on my phone, It says- First registered 05 jan 1996, Cylinder capacity 1796cc, It says nothing in the 'Model' box though (It was definitely a 318 ) EDIT- It could be that someone stuck one of those twin pipes that you can buy from the accessory shops to the exhaust, I can't remember for the life of me, Can't find any more pics of it either! John
  3. I found another pic! (Two actually but one is rubbish!!) When I enlarged this pic a bit there's two pipes side by side (Hard to see!), My lad got me an app on my phone to check registrations, It was last MOT'd in 2102 which is around the time I sold it! I can't make out what the badge on the back says!! John
  4. Could it have been an e34 (Was there such a thing?) I don't have any of the literature as I let it all go with the car!!, I bought it as an iS, Maybe i was had by being told this but I thought i'd seen it on the paperwork! John
  5. Yep, I'm sure it was!, I know it had a timing chain rather than a belt as the first place I phoned asked which it was said they didn't have the tools and put the phone down pretty sharp! I had a new water pump and thermostat fitted as my mate said the shaft on the pump was plastic and they siezed then sheared, After he stripped it he said it had done just that, It was a common cause of the gasket failure! John
  6. I bought this Acer off a mate for £100, He was moving to Scotland and couldn't take it with him!! He bought it fifteen years ago from Morrisons for £1.49 but can't remember which variety it is!!, This is the colour it is now, It goes blood red in autumn! I've seen similar trees at a garden centre near to me for £500, They're as tall but not much width to them!! John
  7. Yup!! Final straw was the head gasket blown, It cost £500 for a friend to do it, I'll bet it would have been at least double that at Sytners EDIT- This is the offending machine! John..
  8. BMW318iS It broke down more times than Britney Spears Cost me more time off work that all the rest put together!! John..
  9. Where would that be please? Cheers John
  10. Cheers Nigel, I think I just found two that will do though on the belt clip of one of my Cree torches!! They screw in to the holes on the case but the heads are slightly to large in dia so the diamond needle files whist rotated in the drill should do the job!! Wasn't sure if the threads were long enough but when I pushed them in from the opposite side, There was enough, They will receive a coat of threadlock before they're screwed home!! (Well, The wife's nail varnish!!) Cheers, John
  11. Hi all A workmate bought this off fleabay some time ago, Both the screws came adrift and he lost them although he managed to find the actual guard! He contacted Parnis by email, They told him they made two different grades of watches and that there was no warranty with the stuff they sold on Ebay and wouldn't supply parts (I think it's because there's no comeback on fleabay after a certain time has elapsed!).. I have found some brass screws that are an imperial thread (Presume the lost ones are metric), they will start in the holes but before I cut them down and force them in would anyone know where I could get a couple of 'proper' ones from please? He loves the watch but won't use it without the guard for fear of snapping the shaft by catching the large crown on something! Cheers, John
  12. I once described something as 'jap'- As in, Short for 'Japanese' on a forum and was lambasted for it, I meant it in no derogatory way whatsoever, Was just saving time as i'm a bit slow at typing, The mods jumped all over me yet they've actually called us from the UK 'Brits', I didn't get offended but those mods that weren't even Japanese seemed to get offended on the Japanese people's behalf! John
  13. We made the presses that Airbus stamp their wing braces and landing gear legs with!! Nice and unusual watch!! John
  14. Catties!! I had one of the smaller Milbro's that used to hit your thumb every other shot, My thumb was like a frying pan, I threw the Milbro away loads of times but always went and retrieved it!! John
  15. I had a few steam engines but traded them for something, Can't remember what though!! This one was around twice the size of my Mammod static! After I polished it!! The right one is a Mammod SE1, The left one is an ESL, Someone had unsoldered and resoldered the boiler endcap and steam outlet for some reason and did a pretty rubbish job when re fitting them I also have a TE1 that I bought almost 40 years from a second hand shop for £9, I put the tractor on display with other bits and the box in the shed, When I came across it flippin' mice had torn all the top half and put it in the bottom half as bedding for the winter! I just realised, It's been put away since before digital cameras came in to being so i've no pics of it!! Not sure if I put pics of these up or not, They're diecast and weigh a ton!! There's bits missing off all of them but I like them too much to bin them!! John
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