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  1. WOW!! That is a beauty!! I only have older ones, Most likely all pin pallet! John
  2. Hi all Unsure if I should add this as it's not actually a watch! It is however a timekeeper so here goes! It actually fell off the shelf on my PC desk, All the hands came off, I think there was a second hand that fell through in to another dimension as it was never found, I reintated the other hands ok, Could be that it had one of those blanking caps, I really can't recall! Anyhow, It does still work although i've removed the battery as it's not used and don't want a leak happening and destroying the movement!! John
  3. A few more.. There's a few more that I don't seem to have pics of! Cheers, John
  4. Some of mine.. There's a few more so i'll put them in another post.. John A few more..
  5. Hee hee!! It's a beauty!! John
  6. Oh WOW!! I don't have a brass or bronze watch yet, These beauties have set me off wanting one now!! John
  7. Hi all I went to two bootsales this morn, Drew a blank at the first and only bought one item at the second!! I came away with this new unopened Parkside cordless rotary tool for just £12, Years ago I bought a battery Dremel and found it seriosly lacking in power, Think it was only 7.2v, This one is 12v and way more powerful! Last week I bought a few trinkets home, A book of the Samurai for £2, A fella on facey said he looked for the same book on Amazon and that I should look too, The cheapest on there was £231 Also bought a few squeeze clamps for a pound each! Also bought a small pocket telescope for £2 and an old LCD watch that won't fire up with a battery but the box is worth the £2 I paid! Rain stopped play today, Most people started packing away at the first spots of drizzle!! John
  8. I used to have btwo old Commando knives on the wall, One was marked J Rodgers, The other was Wilkinson Sword, Both were in a state but when I took them down to decorate they disappeared! Never seen them since, I had a feeling the wife gave them to my son to sell at the saturday bootsale (He used to do this when he had no ale money for the weekend!), They both flatly deny this so I suppose they could have ended up in the lot in one of the boxes of brass ornaments that went up there around the same time!! For anyone that knows Sheffield, This is a drawing of the Abbeydale industrial hamlet, It's a museum now but was producing steel back to the 13th century and possibly longer.. It was drawn by Yvonne Winkelman in 1973, It was going on the wall but the frame fell apart and the glass came out!!, I should put it back together some time!! John
  9. I have a couple of old beat up ones, A beauty came up on Facebook marketplace for just £80, The seller said he would post it for extra, It was five mins from me and I offered to come round and buy it whenever was convenient, Never had a reply after several messages, I was guessing the the seller only replied to people that needed postage as an option as then he could sell it to as many people as possible and just not send it- If indeed he even had it!! Hate the scamming g%^&$£*'s, I reported it to facey as a scam but the ad was still up weeks later John
  10. Niiiiice!, Never seen one before!! John
  11. I knew I had to have one when I first saw one! John
  12. Hi all I quite liked these 1953 Invictas from the first time I saw one (Last year I think), Love how it doesn't have the wings and just says Invicta as the old Swiss ones did Anyhow, I sent payment this morn and hopefully will receive it this coming week It has the Seiko NH-35 movement within and comes with the original bracele, It had a slightly domed AR Sapphire crystal fitted (Although it doesn't seem very anti reflective in the pics!!), It was new in december last year Cheers, John
  13. I have one, A 17j manual wind, Dunno what's inside as i've never removed the case back! Sorry about the poor pic again! John
  14. Not sure if this actually counts as a Bulova as they're owned by Citizen from what I read!, This Red Devil Diver reissue actually has an auto Miyota movement within! John
  15. Hi Bought this last year but forgot to add it to the Citizen watches!! John
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