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  1. Looks like I have some catching up to do! haha Great collection. Thing is for sub-£100, some being way under that amount they're quite an affordable brand to collect. They're not technically perfect but they have tonnes of character and aren't styled like any other brand I've really seen.
  2. Thanks Duncan, I'll definitely give that a check. Ironically despite having many divers watches, on the rare occasion I swim I take them off anyway haha. I did feel it was kind of 'the' Amphibia to go for. Seeing various reviews that style just caught my eye and seemed to be the one to go for. The mesh strap I felt would just work nicely, I like a metal bracelet but saw various reviews say the original was one to pull the hairs out of your arms. Didn't fancy that! I quite like the look of the Vostok shark mesh strap or finding a chunkier type mesh. All in good time.
  3. Gotta love a tank! haha Got my second one in the post yesterday which is the one that caught my eye first of all. The Amphibia! Completely agree, a lot of the designs aren't like any other designs that are out there. Even the Amphibia which is unmistakably a diver doesn't really look like a typical diver. I love the faces though, they're all really old skool. Remind me of designs that were old when I was a kid in the 80s which would make sense considering the era. Can totally see them becoming addictive though, I mean I've bought two for barely over £100 and they're really interesting and decent quality. Plus have an interesting history.
  4. Although I had a handful of watches before I started collecting, mostly digital the first range of watches that really got me hooked were Seikos. I have more expensive or maybe even prettier watches but I love a diver and I love an automatic. It was the SKX models that sucked me in initially. Put my SKX007 on a new strap today. Was the first watch I ever modified with a simple black NATO originally. My SKX009 Can't recall the model on this one but it was my daily watch for a long time Fancied a Seiko 5 so picked this one up pretty cheap from Creation Watches This is coincidentally a very similar Seiko 5. My grandfather offered me and my two cousins a choice of one of his watches. I opted for this one as I was already a Seiko fan by then. He passed away a couple of years later (at the ripe age of 85) so this is a sentimental one.
  5. I have a Citizen Evodrive which for what it is, is an excellent watch. Never ever stops as long as it's not locked in a drawer for months, it was good value, it's well made and just a good bit of kit. That said, I have a number of Seikos all of which are mechanical as I just love their diver style watches. I don't think you'd do badly choosing either.
  6. I agree, like the slight snug/fitted look the strap gives it. Will look good on your Amphibia!
  7. Haha I mean who doesn't love a submarine or a tank right! I've actually got an Amphibia on the way but taking a while as it's coming Russia.
  8. Have had my eye on a Vostok or two for a while now. Clearly they're not the best built but they're dependable but they are full of character and just a bit different. Reminds me of my old Mitsubishi Shogun Sport, it's old, it's an old design but it's cool, it's fun and it's reliable haha. Leather straps aren't for me so I swapped it out for a leather silicone strap. I'm partial to a bit of orange.
  9. Funnily enough I've got two Vostoks on the way. One is the Amphibia with the Scuba dude the other is a not divers which I just fancied, I made an offer of £38 which seems mad for an automatic seemingly well put together watch. They're definitely quirky and the styles don't really conform to any others that I've seen! Enjoy.
  10. I wouldn't wear it but I like it. I find odd design really interesting. I remember the Storm watches from about 20 years ago having some weird retro/futuristic style designs. Look a bit dated now but they were interesting.
  11. I'm fairly new to swapping straps around. The only one I'd changed in the past was my SKX007 to a black NATO and that was it. My recently acquired SteelDives have had various straps on them. I kind of know what I like the idea of but whether it works in the metal remains to be seen. I put a Milanese mesh strap on my Turtle and it just didn't work, in my head it did but just wasn't quite right. Yet on my Tuna the same style looked spot on. Yet I love the grey/orange NATO on my Turtle and went back to it. I have my first Vostok on it's way to me, have a rubber strap waiting for it and I think it'll go really well, but we shall see! haha
  12. New case for my recent Steeldive purchases. Plus a new mesh strap for my orange Tuna. I do love a bit of AliExpress for cheap bits and pieces.
  13. I thought exactly the same, Steeldive is one word as it's a brand but not sure why two actual works weren't spaced. A minor thing but completely agree. I will have to go and have a look. I am very partial to orange and metallic oranges (have a car in that colour!) and I think it just works on many watches. I actually swapped the bracelet on the orange Steeldive to a black SD strap. It did come with an orange one but felt it was perhaps a bit too much. Contrasts well with the black rubber strap and nice quality for £7!
  14. When I was a kid it was all about gadgets and the watches I had then were digital, I then went through a phase of not wearing a watch at all. Wasn't until my early 20s I decided to buy a decent watch and went for a Citizen Ecodrive. It's titanium so really light and very subtle, quite small as well as I didn't want anything too garish. I started to get more into watches and bought a Casio Edifice which was actually very good, nicely made and inexpensive. Then the collecting started, I ended up with a variety of Seiko mechanical watches. I have a real soft spot for self winding mechanical watches as I just like the idea of them being little machines. I was in a position to buy a few more high end watches, I bought my first TAG and followed that up with another three. Two of which were used and an Aquaracer which I absolutely love, plus it's mechanical where the others are quartz. As much as I'd love to go for another luxury watch, a Rolex would be awesome it's not on the cards for a little while yet but I did recently acquire something at the opposite end of the scale. A Steeldive Orange Tuna which I'm hugely taken with. I've started to like more bold, bigger watches as I can pull off wearing them more than I realised.
  15. Thanks guys, I'm really pleased with it. It's just a bit different and when it comes to lume on watches I'm like a big kid so that won me over haha jsud2002 - Which model do you have your eye on? I'm thinking I may go for the Willard from them next but shall see.
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