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  1. Tom04

    6B 159

    Back Case (2292) https://ibb.co/4Mks88r Internal mechanism https://ibb.co/5xPMVS2 Carrying on with my research, I believe it can be dates 1944-1947, however I cannot find another similar watch with the same face. The outer face of the back cover has no engravings or markings, however I read read on another forum that it was possible that these were sometimes deliberately removed?
  2. Tom04

    6B 159

    Hello, I am looking to buy a 6B 159 Omega/Jongness/Jagar Watch. Doing some research, there seems to be lost of different variants, my main concern is buying an authentic and original one, that has not been tampered with. I will put a link at the end to one that I am looking at, if anyone could give me and hints as to if they think its original and a good buy, or if there are any tell tales signs of it been messed with, as well as useful information generally, I'd be very grateful :-) Thankyou in advance. https://ibb.co/JH7WRYq Tom
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