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  1. In the mean time posting some older renders of a previous watch design (I have a few, to be honest) showing different dials and hands. The watch is still based on the first watch design with, what I call, a flying bezel. If you are interested I don't mind posting images of previous watch designs. Maybe on another more conceptual thread. There was a time I was entirely interested in making my hands with that curved design on the first render, I do still like that design. To address some questions from before: Both the moon eclipse effect and the planetary designs of the hand circles are interesting and I'll work on some modeling and post the results of that. The circles of the hands are actually all one material, Steel, and couldn't be made of two, not without a huge amount of work involved. It's an intriguing idea, maybe another time. The only reason there is blue on the circles is my rather ham-fisted attempt at adding Luminova to the hands. The crown in the renders is Aluminium Bronze, but I'm trying a few materials, see what works best. The rest of the parts are made from as follows: Flying Bezel - 316 SS (but am also making an Aluminium one, made from Aerospace 7075) Body - Aluminium 7075 (hard anodized to provide some scratch resistance) Back - Titanium Hands - Steel (thermally blued) Crown - Nibron (also called Copper Nickel Bronze) and another from 7075 Aluminium) Movement Ring - Aluminium 7075 Buckle and Tongue - Titanium In the renders the body appears black, because I'm hard anodizing the Aluminium body and that comes in black or dark grey. I've approximated it in the renders. I'm going to machine some different versions of most of the parts and see what works best. I even have one I'm machining from 316 SS with a piece of Aluminium Bronze pressed inside of it. WRENCH may be right in that a manual wind movement may be the best use of the crown as it is. So, a Sellita mechanical movement will be used, I will machine everything around the specs of that. I'm not against quartz, they make a very accurate watch (unless you are George Daniels and can make a mechanical watch that will only lose a couple of seconds a month (Daniels Co-Axial Escapement used), still getting my head around that), and are very cheap to buy. Some of the top watchmakers have designed some of their watches using a quartz movement also, now they are expensive. @SolaVeritate - Those project watches are interesting, some really unusual designs there. I really like the Beyond The horizons (although it can't possibly weigh 1lb?), and the Elos, earth orbit, watch, although there are so many good designs. Obviously quartz but may splash out of one or two because the prices are reasonable. I posted pictures of it here: BTW I've been trying to find the edit button, as I post sometimes and forget things, or notice a typo (drives me mad) or want to add things, but can't. Case in point, I also have an Instagram account if anyone moves in those circles. It's only about my watchmaking, so nothing too crazy.
  2. Thanks for the vote, and I'd certainly be happy to start a 'making of' thread if that is something that would interest you guys. I have done one before, on another forum, so it wouldn't be a problem. I started this thread for the concepts side of things, and to get feedback on my second watch build and wasn't expecting it to go that far, since the building itself would take over - very soon in fact, as I have already made a start on the turning of one or two parts. I will check out the watch repair thread and see what's there.
  3. @ Bricey; JayDeep; WRENCH; pauluspoalo; SolaVeritate - Thanks you for all your kind comments. With your indulgence, I will address your suggestions tomorrow or Sunday, when I have had a chance to think about them, and/or, do some modeling. Just wanted to make sure you knew I appreciated your comments.
  4. I like it, has an engineering vibe that would fit in at work especially.
  5. Hi. Wasn't sure where to put this, you don't have a dedicated watchmaking or designing section that I could see. I decided, pretty much before the first was finished, that I was going to build a second watch. I have pretty much completed all the designs, and the drawings are all finished, plus some preliminary turning on the main parts, but I have still to finish the dial design. I have decided to post some 3d renders of the watch with different dials installed, and get some feedback from different eyes, if that's alright by you guys. As usual my dial designs are not an ordinary bunch, I'll never be accused of being normal. The first is a preliminary render with older style hands, and throughout there are some different colours making up the parts. The software I use does a creditable job of approximating the metals that are used but it never seems quite right, plus I'm still learning the rendering side of it. At the end there are some renders with Rose Engine style dials. I've been thinking of trying to CNC some Guilloche dials, see if it works. I know it isn't real Rose Engine turning but unless I come into some money I'm never going to be producing Guilloche work in its truest sense. Also, at the end some of the hands have an odd blue colour around the rings, these are my attempt to create Luminova without the night to make them visible, you'll just have to use your imagination on those. If I do make use of Luminova it will be my first attempt at doing that. I'm also going to make my hands out of steel this time, and blue the hands. Sorry about the amount of images, I had quite a few ideas. Thanks for looking. Monaque
  6. Very nice, I love the clash of colours. I get that with Audemars Piguet, I like the 11.59 watch but dislike almost everything else they do.
  7. I don't take apart movements so not so bad for me.
  8. You buy a lot of diver watches, I don't mind the Direnzo. I could make you another watch box, just for one watch, but might not be cheap.
  9. That price seems incredibly low, even with CNC manufacturing processes, I wonder if they are making them in very large numbers, and/or, getting them made in China. Quite a lot of people are doing that these days. The watch isn't my cup of tea but wish all those buying well.
  10. I use Isopropyl Alcohol mostly, it generally does most things without leaving a residue or staining. I do have an Ultrasonic and have a special cleaner for that.
  11. I think that shows everything. I inlaid some black leather at the bottom to seat the watch, and there is the step around the outside that the top runs along. The strength of the wood top, made from Katalox, allowed me to keep the wall thickness to only 2mm. The bottom part was made from Kingwood, a Rosewood, which had a beautiful figure but had many flaws in the form of cracks and breakouts. I managed to get rid of most of them but lived with the rest. I hadn't meant to add on the pockets, just didn't have the heart to cut off the the beautiful grain.
  12. Thank you, Bobby123, yes it does open and I'll post some other photos to show. Your wish is my command, I'll post some more when I get home.
  13. Someone asked if anyone made their own. This is mine. Only for one watch.
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