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  1. Like England losing on penalties. Smothered the bezel with linseed oil, wrapped in black plastic And left in the sun on the terrace. Great result , in the evening The glass fell out. Perfect. This morning cleaned 90 percent of the putty off of the glass then Glass 1 Me 0 Oh well, ordered new glass coming on Tuesday. Starting on bezel now.
  2. thanks, though will the bleach effrct the brass too much? also here in switzerland you cant buy bleach just javell water. Think by the smell its chlorine based. Have express posted linseed oil, also hard to find here. will try it out
  3. I have a 12 inch dial railway clock and the glass is puttied in tha bezel. Old and hard, does anyone know if putty can be dissolved so that i can restore the parts.
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