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  1. A green watch with a green alligator leather watch band today. Go green : )
  2. A fresh day : ) Golden watch dial with a teal green lizard leather watch strap handcrafted by Aug Leather. Got this strap to bring a fresh look for the watch. Look great, right?
  3. Choosing a Grand Seiko for Monday watch. Also I select a handmade dark blue leather band from Aug Leather to be combined with the watch. Love the cool tones. Have a great Monday!
  4. Select cool tones today. A dark blue handmade leather watch strap with a cool color watch dial. I think the combination is perfect.
  5. I don't have a square one, but rectangle one. I combined the watch with a brown leather strap to bring out a vintage style. I think brown is best color for a vintage watch. Do you think so?
  6. Have a good day everyone Selected black color today: Black dial with a black ostrich leather watch strap. I just love the black.
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