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  1. Hi there I'm a newbie to all things watches and have a lot to learn I joined the Forum on the back of inheriting some watches many, many years ago which have been locked away in an old suitcase for 34 years. Dug them out yesterday when going through old family photos. One is a Seiko 62MAS which, having done just a few minutes research online seems to be in pretty good nick compared to some that are selling for very high prices. Probably in good condition because it hasn't seen the light of day for so long! I am interested in getting further information and a proper valuation on it but don't know where to start. The other is a Swiss watch of unknown origin I suspect it is at least 70 years old. There is no makers mark on it so suspect it may be of little value but I really don't have a clue about this one! Both seem to be in good working order I would be interested in any information the knowledgeable amongst you might be able to shed on either watch. I did want to attach photos but there does not seem to be that option, only URL's. (whatever that means!) Thanks in advance!
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