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  1. Yes there's a couple, but seem to be mainly TK Maxx related. Did google one that looked like it could be the original barcode. There's a little booklet inside but seems like a standard one as no real model details in there [url=https://ibb.co/sJ4VzVK][img]https://i.ibb.co/sJ4VzVK/image2-3.jpg[/img][/url] [url=https://ibb.co/hWQXmTB][img]https://i.ibb.co/hWQXmTB/image1-4.jpg[/img][/url] [url=https://ibb.co/hs9dryL][img]https://i.ibb.co/hs9dryL/image0-7.jpg[/img][/url]
  2. Hi, Hoping someone might be able to help me identify this watch. All I know is it's a Michael Kors My partner picked it out at TK Maxx and I ordered it as a present, the parcel came today, and the watch has been taken out of the box in transit. There are none left to send a replacement, so I was hoping to try and find it somewhere else online. Only issue is I don't have a model number and can't find anything like it. I found a male version which looks very similar, which is the "Blake". Unfortunately as it's sold out, this is the best photo I can find online.
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