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  1. Yes i generally sleep with a watch on. quite often a G as the light is useful. Generally the lume is a tad disappointing on my watches...
  2. hi guys, new member here. first post as well.. i was always a Seiko guy, 80's, 90's stopped wearing watches in the 2000's but started again early last year with a SUN 065P1, i really liked the depth of the dial & some of the other details. after a short while i decided there were elements that i wasn't really that fond of so started looking for another Seiko that would appease my minor gripes. this is when i started reading about all the misalignment issues etc & started looking elsewhere. i still kinda like the idea of another Seiko but i've bought 6 other watches this year all from other brands... there just doesn't really seem to be anything i want enough to buy..
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