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  1. What’s next? A watch with parts of a dearly departed loved one encapsulated inside,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I’ve not googled it as it’s an entirely stupid thought
  2. It’s hard to believe that somebody doesn’t proof read these things before they are let loose on the internet, any credibility is lost forever.
  3. I like that as it is, but if you want to change it then go ahead. You willl need to remove the insert and measure it exactly, it’s quite possibly not the dimensions you state but fractionall different.
  4. What watch is it for? Seiko ones seem to be 39 x 32mm
  5. Have a look https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/industry/miscellaneous/5-timepieces-that-carry-a-piece-of-history/mach-1-mig-21/slideshow/71134057.cms
  6. Rec watches popped up on my Facebook feed, I liked the look of the green hornet so clicked the link. Well I’ve seen a number of watches that claim to have a bit of metal from whatever inspired the design, although I fail to see that in most, and apart from the colour I’m still failing to see it. But anyway, I like the look of the green hornet but I’m not about to buy one, but I do find it tedious this link to a generally vehicle of note, whatever it may be, the whole “a piece of metal from ———- in this watch” to me that doesn’t add any value or significance whatsoever, in actual fact it makes me think, if the car was and or is so iconic, then why waste some of it in a watch. I mean if it’s metal that can be spared then it must be completely scrap and fit for the bin, so why compromise a nice clean watch movement with a bit of scrap? Just use the design to show the inspiration and leave the scrap metal out, I would be less inclined to buy a watch with that in it than one without, how do you feel about it? I still like that particular one, some of the others much less so, oh and one with a piece of Land Rover in it? It’s going to break down and leak that says https://www.recwatches.com/
  7. As been said, love the back side of it, then its ruined by an open heart type dial, but then again at 100k plus its not going to worry me really.
  8. No Monaco in my watch box, but this kickstarter cheapie almost ticks the box
  9. It wasn't that long ago when you could buy these bloody things, and get a discount to boot. I just can't get my head round why everybody and their dog wants one when they can only be bought for retail plus however many percent. Trouble is its not just the big three making huge money, i can recall looking at a tin tin speedy a few years ago thinking, if only iy was 42mm id buy one, and i think at the time they were unpopular and around 2k ish, the same with the tiger Tudors, they used to be the poor cousin of the big block and very affordable, now they are demanding silly money. Is this a sudden interest in watches? by a whole new swath of collectors or just speculators driving the market, if it is then surely it will burst at some point but who knows when. Another indicator is crypto, think it was 4 years ago i started to dabble, on the back side of the 20k peak when it was down to around 8-10k, so volatile i jumped out, look at it now, jeez its crazy
  10. Wouldn’t someone really into the technology and not the financial/showy side be more likely to wear a PP with many complications or some such. The fact it can be done doesn’t necessarily mean it should be.
  11. I have a few bracelets from strapcode, seem like good quality, a lesser number from gecko but also seem ok
  12. Sekonda, I just don't rate them at all although ive only had one, i lusted after a blue dialled chronograph with a bor bracelet that looked spanking, cheap as chips so i bought one. Fast forward a few days to when it arrived, well, I was initially shocked at how low quality it was, but then i realised that i hadn't paid much money for it. I got what i paid for, now i like the look of that yellow dialled Sekonda but it will be just another piece of cheap tat. As an aside i picked up a bronze coloured Invicta i have from years ago when i championed their value for money, wore the hell out of it, holiday swim watch with no problems, now when i pick it up, it just feels, well so tacky, what was i thinking? then i was happy to have a substantial collection of Invictas and not a single one over £100 and most half that, just not for me anymore.
  13. There is no doubt its a stunning piece of kit, but, its too big, too complicated, too difficult to read the time, too expensive and most of all would make you look toooo big a cock wearing one. Its not for me
  14. That Brellum certainly looks good, i don't know but for some reason i always assumed they were a fashion brand. At times i think we are a bit insulated in the Uk because there are so many brands that are just not popular here or have no presence as they are not sold in the uk or even europe
  15. I want to like Doxas but I’m not a big fan of the cushion case, these are angular for sure, but I’d like to try one, white or yellow on bracelet please.
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