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  1. I actually did this exact thing late last year LOL, G shock I had at home, picked up my new 5 then met a mate at a pub. Good advice indeed.
  2. Sorry, I should have said assembly in England, I am sure you are correct, they prob source parts from all over the place, think I recall seeing that they do assembly in their uk workshop, I checked out their website a few weeks ago. I see they are members of "British watchmakers" but see they only say they are designed in UK so maybe not actually assembled in UK either. So not sure now, still got some good looking product though.
  3. These eBay stories are very off-putting, I bought 2 seikos last year, both of which I could have got cheaper from Amazon sellers, what put me off was that apparently it is one of the most commonly faked brands out there. Ended up at the AD boutique store and got one at 15% off, the other was 30% off on black Friday, rather pay a bit more and have peace of mind and proper warranty etc. For expensive stuff there are probably only 2 places that I would trust to buy pre owned that are physical stores if not buying new. Honestly wouldn't take the chance on internet classifieds given all the stories you hear. Forum classifieds may be a bit different but for expensive stuff but I would still request an AD inspection and verification.
  4. The Ensign silver face looks very nice, that is the one that I like the most, the small hand seconds version, chronos don't appeal to me much mainly due to the fact that when I owned one I never used the timers, ever. (Hope I'm not banned for that comment). The brand name sounds a bit odd to me, only heard about them since joining this forum. Like that they are made in England though, makes a change from the Swiss, Japanese brands. Look really nice.
  5. Is it possible that the shuffle actually winds the watch more effectively or quicker than the hand winding? I wonder what one revolution of the rotor equates to in comparison with one revolution of the crown, ie would they be equal or have different gearing ?
  6. Yes , it does hack, it is the 4r36 movement so it can be wound, I just think the shuffle seems to work better than hand winding, probably just in my mind.
  7. So after having my recently acquired seiko 5 stop on me for the 3rd time as I forget to wind it and don't wear every day, I was researching how much to wind one of these. I happened upon the "seiko shuffle" The process where you basically fake the normal movement of the watch for a day into a couple of minutes in order to wind it, oddly it seems to work better than using the crown to wind it. Why do I prefer it, well it seems to run longer, prob less wear as not fiddling with the crown all the time, easier to do ( could be a well developed muscle memory pattern lol) Anyway works great, sure most of you watchies will be aware of this one but if not, check it out.
  8. Just worked out how this works, actually pretty intuitive, and easy to read. Laughing at myself for being a bit confused previously. A beaut of a watch, so clean looking.
  9. Congratulations, that looks amazing, plus it is a bonus that they sent a leather strap and looks like a deployant too. Will look the absolute business on that. Enjoy wearing it... (who wouldn't ?)
  10. Have decided that a date window is not needed on my next watch, I get the date from here now. Lol.
  11. Different but in a good way, good specs too.
  12. Wish I hadn't clicked this link.
  13. I'm impressed every time I look through an exhibition caseback, the genius of the mechanism design is still baffling to me. Unbelievable engineering, very cool, but therein lies the fascination for all things watch for many people am sure.
  14. If I saw someone with a Bugatti engine on their wrist having a beer, I'm talking to the guy for sure, assuming the body guards let me through. Not that I would walk about with one myself but it is a conversation starting machine in addition to being a watch.
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