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  1. Thanks, Spineynorman Just to respond to Igerwis, the quote included: Signs of battery leakage The movement shows signs of Moisture penetration (light oxidization of part and / or plates) A replacement of the dial is required Dial is cracked The crystal is scratched The crystal is chipped As I have said, thank you for your collective contributions. With that, I'll decide on procedure henceforth, privately.
  2. Gentlemen, Thank you all for your valuable comments. You may all now stand down. Concurrently with this post, I had written to the Omega agent expressing my concerns and reservations about the quote and its reference to oxidation. In response, I received a sincere apology from the sales assistant, who professed "I am very new here, I have miss read (sic) the quote with regards to the dial" It transpired that she had taken only one line out of the quotation specification of works and considerably more work was required than she advised me of. So the matter of oxidation has been resolved. Thanks again.
  3. Many thanks, Norman. ' worth trying. Thanks, Stan. I can't say that I recall as I bought it some 20 years ago. I'd guess that it was over £1,000 at the time of purchase so the alleged repair cost is in excess of 100% of purchase price or approaching it. As you suggest, I shall shop around using a BHI qualified repairer as suggested by Norman.
  4. G'day, On taking my wife's Omega Constellation for a new battery at an authorised Omega agent, I was informed that the work 'could' be carried out in the shop 'but' the efficacy of the water resistant seal could not be warranted. I elected to have the watch sent away to Omega for the works to be carried out there. The 'sales lady' went to some lengths, full of smiles and pleasantry, to prepare me for the possibility that Omega may say that additional works would be required. The watch had had light usage since purchase, being used on high days and holidays. I was shocked then to receive an E-Mail, which read: It was as if the sales pitch was an S.O.P. and additional works are par for the course. I've asked the following questions of Omega's agent: 1/ How does aragonite (a form of calcium carbonate) oxidize? 2/ How does any oxidation of a non metallic aesthetic feature of the watch (its dial face) become "essential" to its correct working? In readiness for the response from Omega, I would appreciate the independent observations of a professional watchmaker with no trading links to Omega on the repairs that Omega state are necessary. Unless and until persuaded otherwise, in my book Omega is extracting the proverbial .... Many thanks for taking the time to respond.
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