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  1. Thanks for replying, I just Got My Pogue back from Richard Askham.
  2. Hello I'm Alan, and I am new here. I have a Seiko 6139 6002 Pogue, it has the sunburst Yellow Dial. I have always Loved Seiko Watches of this era, and I always wanted a Pogue since I can remember. I Think now, they are growing in Popularity, a bit like the Cars and Motorcycles. These Catalogues, are very good and remind me of that era.
  3. My Name is Alan, and it's my first time here. Since I retired in 2019, I have started to look at Collecting Watches, Particularly from the 1970s. I managed to get Two Omega Seamasters, and very recently I acquired a watch that I have always Wanted. It's a Seiko 6139 6002, that was bought from a guy that had it from New, it had been fully restored and last serviced 10 years ago. Because of this, I have sent it to Richard Askham, who I was recommended to have overhaul service etc. I have come on here to learn about Watches, and look forward to reading and contributing to some Threads here. All The Best. Alan
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