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  1. Hi all. Sure others have the same but... If anyone is looking at a Christopher Ward watch and wants 100 notes off, give me a shout. I've had a code through the post today which I won't use
  2. I'd say don't rush through collecting. Buy affordable to start, see what you like. Sell to buy too (at least to begin with!). Give yourself time to live with a watch, don't just flip it for the next big thing!
  3. After a new year lull adding to my collection, I'm looking at tritium watches. Ball, although lovely, are out of my prices range for this piece. I'm not looking for anything practical, very much aesthetics only! Anyone any experience of Victorinox tritium? I saw a British company called Nite, any one have a Nite watch? ... and are they worth having? I'm expecting next level lume!
  4. Watches are both great but... Where did you get the straps? They really set them both off
  5. Hi all... Due to my puny wrists I'm after a watch box with small pillows. Any recommendations??
  6. I'm after an affordable chrono for an Xmas present for someone getting into watches... Would you buy Avi-8 Hawker or Spinnaker Panda Hydrofoil? https://spinnaker-watches.co.uk/collections/all/products/hydrofoil-panda-black-sp-5086-11 https://www.absolutemagazine.co.uk/avi-8-hawker-hurricane-help-for-heroes-chronograph-limited-edition/ My options...
  7. I can't use the messaging system as yet so if you could pass on details that would be great, thanks
  8. You still enjoying this? I'm in the market for a white dial diver
  9. Need to work out embedding images... Yema Navygraf Marine due out in Apr might be my first of the year
  10. Some great watches in this thread... The lume on this is brilliant
  11. What model number is the Timex? Love a green dial!
  12. Got stuck down the YouTube rabbit hole of 'best ofs' yesterday... Watch-wise everyone loves the PRX. My personal choice is the Upcycle, I love that each watch will be unique at that price point. Whats your favourite of the year?
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