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  1. oh I didn’t even realize such risks…Again, thanks for letting me know…. So, I know everything and I leave watch as is… Thanks, you guys for guidance and information If you would like to help with Czechoslovakia Prim watch let me know But I don’t think that Prim is brand which you guys would be interest Regards T.
  2. As you mentioned, this is my concern as well about movement / dial, because so far if I saw any Grana movement / dial, there were always number of caliber on the top of it, but not in the bottom But as you recommend, I will try to check bottom as well, but I am little bit worried about result Thanks for guidance mate ! T.
  3. Even thought, If I can ask for more opinions… What do you think about parts of this watch? Do you think that movement could be original? There are no sign or marks. And what about “unusual ” watch case? I know that there are no Dirty Dozen watch, but I am still curious about origin of these watch :) I will appreciate every opinion. Thanks
  4. thanks you mate for more info and explanation....As I said, I am not very aware of these watches.... So Thanks ! T.
  5. You are right and I am sorry for that.... So my name is Tomas, I am 38 years old and I am from Czech Republic. And I am sorry for rudnesses. Anyway, thanks for info
  6. Greetings to all, I am here for searching more information / know how about Grana watch. Its my first experience with “dirty dozen” watch, so I would like to ask for opinion of more experience folks… I found these watch in bundle as a heritage. My “observations” about Grana watch: - In current shape /setup, they are not wrist watch and nether pocket watch due to “crown” location on right side… - Watch case is from my opinion in better shape than rest of watch (watch face, glass etc). In other hand, the bottom of watch case looks like another dirty dozen bottom, but without any brand or logo…. - Movement looks very nice and it could be from old times, but it not has any marks or sing…Unfortunately, not working So frankly speaking not sure, but my opinion is that is rebuild from old parts, but not original Grana watch, mainly due to missing any marks on watch case and movement…..:-/ Any other opinion from rest of you ? Thanks, and sorry for my English, I hope that you understand the point…. Thanks Unfortunately “insert image from URL” does not working for me, so here is direct link : https://postimg.cc/gallery/14fsWHT
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