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  1. Thanks to you both for your help. As far as buying another clock for its hairspring, I might just as well buy the clock as a replacement, tho I think by the end of bidding that particular clock will sell for about £40-50. or more. I have no idea of the torque of the spare hairsprings purchased as the selection on ebay, or of the torque of the original hairspring although I believe the original frequency is about 160 beats/min I am only an amateur and although I have built and restored several clocks they range from french mantle to longcase and all pendulum regulated. I don't think I have the knowledge or ability to attach a hairspring to a collet, even if I identified the correct hairspring. I just find it hard to believe that there is no source for replacement hairsprings,
  2. Hello I am trying to source the correct hairspring to repair an old much loved Smiths 30 hour alarm clock from the 1960s belonging to a relation (Think TVs Repair shop) The one I have is Noddy and Big ears, but Smiths made lots of variants, including pecking hen, Sooty and Sweep, etc. The old hairspring is pretty mangled and beyond repair. The diameter of the balance shaft is 1.6mm (0.063" or 1/16") and the thickness of the copper alloy spring is 0.114mm (0.0045") with a width of 0.4826mm (0.019"). I have tried the two selections of spare alarm clock hair springs advertised on ebay, but non have the right diameter hole in the collet or the correct thickness and width. and when I have modified the collet by bushing, the clock runs too fast. British Precision springs Ltd list several springs which might be correct (i.e collet size very close) but apart from torque, and diameter (which due to the mangled old spring) I have no idea. Emailing and phoning BPS has no result. Smiths must have manufactured 10s of thousands of these clocks, so there must be a source of these hairsprings somewhere. Does any one know which BPS spring is correct or where I can obtain one many thanks Rolloarty
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