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  1. Thanks for your upload. Pretty cool how close to “samurai” this is… and also that this is a floor plan from a watch fair. but I still can’t found something in the internet about the new spelling “samourai” together with ‘watch’ or ‘watches’
  2. Wow. Thanks for your answers already. and yes… I also read “samurai” at the top of the lcd display. Thanks for your answer. can u post what you’ve found in this archive? Would be cool to maybe have a hint or something like that.
  3. Thank you for posting the pictures. Really, I tried everything but always get an error. And thanks for stopping by, even if you can’t help with the brand/model. maybe you know someone here in this forum who can help?
  4. Hey Guys. After year long reading as a guest I became a forum member yesterday, because I really need your help on this one. i found an old watch who lookes like an old Seiko calculator watch from the 70s - but there are no seiko brandings, a model number or something else. have you guys seen this watch before and have a clue wich brand and model this is? I have really searched the whole internet and found absolutely nothing Let me know if you have any clues. thank you so much and greetings from Germany nick. https://postimg.cc/gallery/zv6kxg2 (I really try everything to post the pictures direct in here - but this doesn’t work. I don’t know why)
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