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  1. Hello again after a long break on here. I was travelling via Schiphol Airport in December and popped in for a nose around the small Rolex outlet. The lady there instantly said they had just had a Steel Daytona in was i interested. I put it on the wrist and decided yes!................however my card was blocked as it was a suspicious purchase in their eyes, so i had to dash off and get my flight before i could sort it. Anyway, last week i passed through Schiphol and popped in on arrival, and asked was there any chance they had another. No chance was the answer. On wednesday when i was due to fly home i popped in again and asked, and they had iterally just had one delivered! With a slightly improved exchange rate at the moment, i bought it for £6380 and am wearing now. Shall try to get some pics soon
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  3. Hi All, Thanks for the welcome. Well i acted on my impulse, and am now sporting the 16600 sea dweller on my wrist. Trouble is whilst shopping around, i like the look of a milgauss. No i mustn't!
  4. Hi, Used to come on here alot, but not post much. Own one of the RLT chronometers, and about 20 other watches. Stopped coming on here because needed to cool off on the purchases. Anyhow, it is my 50th next month, and i have a hankering for a Sea Dweller (old style). Hi to all.
  5. Hi i used to lurk on here a lot, have about 25 mechanical watches but felt i needed to keep off and stop buying (successfully done). On the subject of accuracy, i am one of the people who do get a bit obsessive over the accuracy, and thought i would add my piece. October last year i started travelling abroad alot, and started wearing my Rolex Explorer 2 (a watch i had not really bonded with) for convenience of setting the hour hand. After my first week, i noticed the timekeeping was bang on, so kept wearing the watch to gauge accuracy ( i used to change every couple of days). I am still wearing the watch to this day 11 months on! I use it all day everyday gardening etc! and have not worn any of my other watches. Now for the reason why.................20 seconds in eleven months, and never adjusted! The furthest out it has been in that time is 40 seconds. I do not place in any particular position etc. just wear it. I guess now i am taking another peek at this forum things may change, and the other watches may come out.....even some of the earlier limited edition RLTs in the drawer.
  6. Hi I dont often post, however this is one i do have an opinion on. I bought a gmt master on ebay for a bargain price, i sent the watch to Rolex (with some trepidation). I must admit the service was fantastic. They contacted me to seek my permission to carry out the work they recommended, they let me keep the replaced parts (whch i beleive is unusual), and the watch came back as new. I now have a like new 35 year old watch, total price for the watch and service was about £600 cheaper than i have seen them generally selling for. As for you buying another watch............ the flood gates could be opening, we have all been there. David
  7. Brettule How about a Zeno Explorer (or if you are feeling flush the Rolex!), i beleive they are 35 or 36 mm, there are photos in the gallery. They are a really nice understated watch. I am sure other members can give you info. on the Zeno as i have seen them on here quite often. Good Luck
  8. Hi, I have been lurking for a couple of years now, i own 1 RLT watch, the RLT 14 chronometer. Other watches are Ollech and Wajs, Vostok, Poljot etc. and my best..... a Zenith El Primero chronograph. David
  9. Mike, I was the seller of the watch, you will not be dissapointed with the watch, it is really nice, and has fallen into the category of 'too good to wear', so i thought i had better sell it, (it was going to help fund an RLT 21, but circumstances have changed and that may have to be put on hold). Although i visit the forum often, i rarely post therefore i cannot sell here. I bought the watch from Germany N.O.S. I am really pleased it has gone to someone from the forum, and hope you enjoy it. P.S. next time let the wife make the tea while you do the ebay bidding. David
  10. My choice would be a Zenith El Primero automatic. I bought one just over a year ago, and it is by far the best watch i own. As was mentioned in a previous post, you can pick them up for around 1250 pounds on offer David
  11. The 14 is now mine George, and is a great watch, thanks. Great forum guys.
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