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  1. Hello Paul, long time no see, how's the handicap if you've not been watch buying? By a strange quirk of fate, my boy is in the process of joining Guildford GC, are you still playing there? Cheers, Nick
  2. Awful picture of 46mm Incursore, which recently had the winder tube and crown replaced by Invicta.
  3. Have another read, the invoice is for work on two watches, the replacement Crystal was 117.94 €, carriage 24.95 € and the service was an internal clean and lube plus pressure test not an external cosmetic tart up. The only suggestion I can make for the variance is, I talked through the problems with the SM and then posted both watches off for inspection prior to receiving the final quotation. At the end of the day I paid a price I was happy with, which in no way detracts from the tremendous job you did in replacing yours.
  4. Hi, just seen your request, here's the invoice for the works. I wonder if the difference in price stems from my conversation with the Service Manager rather than an oppo? In fact, the price was a bit lower as the carriage was split between the two watches and I received a nice watch box to boot!
  5. My recently repaired Incursore III.
  6. Great post and knowing how clumsy I am, a service I may well be using In the future. To offer a bit of balance, I had the Crystal of my Incursore III replaced by Invicta in February and it came to 142 euros all in, which included service, pressure test and tracked postage. Added to that, you got straight through to the manager of the service centre and like most Dutch people, he spoke impeccable English.
  7. Proper, well thought out review. You've inspired me to dig out a few of my CW's and give them a spin this week.
  8. I'd follow Wrench's suggestion and drop Watchobsession a line; I've bought numerous straps from them in the past and their service has always been top notch. If you feel the they're not up to standard, I'm sure they'd look at it favourably.
  9. Steinhart Nav-B for the first time in over two years, completely forgotten how big this thing is.
  10. There's nowt wrong with Bernhardt watches in my humble opinion. These two have been going strong for eleven years, another's in a drawer and I've sold two on. Good value for money I think.
  11. ^ What, an invisible watch? Wednesday regular for me....
  12. Manual wind Steinhart Aviation on one of Richy's finest.
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