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  1. I've read threads from other people on other forums who would rather crawl on their belly over broken glass then bath in vinegar rather than buy a watch from Jura......Personally, I have used them 3 times (and am awaiting my 4th watch from them) and have not had any issue.
  2. Bit of a tricky one for me and it depends on the actual watch. I was delighted when the watchmaker I use for servicing was able to service my PAM 243 for about £200 as it was a Valjoux 7750 in it that needed servicing and a new main spring. I dread to think what my in house 233 is gonna cost (I have a few years to worry about it) The watch to me is more about the overall watch than JUST the movement (I could have a Valjoux 7750 in a lot cheaper watch than a PAM 243 FOR EXAMPLE) however when the watch movement is visible and looks particularly nice, it's hard to argue against an in-house movement:
  3. I'd like to see one in the flesh before making my mind up on that shade of green but looks pretty decent to me
  4. The SBDX001 is a fantastic watch, I've owned a couple and they are great value for money especially getting second hand. I'm not sure if you're aware but it's actually an unregulated Grand Seiko movement in them so you're getting a great movement in a very nice watch. The bezel rotation is sublime and nicer than watches I've had many times their cost. Only things that let them down (for me) is the bracelet isn't great and feels the same as you'd get on a £200 watch and the crystal is hardex not sapphire. I had the 600m Spring Drive as well which is quite a bot more expensive but a lovely watch.......even taller on the wrist but light being titanium. The seconds hand on that is mesmerising
  5. You also have the SBDX017 which is the updated version of the SBDX001.....slightly better lime, diashield coating and MEMS (an advanced method of semiconductor process.....not sure what difference it makes)
  6. Since getting this, I've worn little else: I had a 243 before this which I needed to sell to fund this, an 025 (titanium hobnail dial) and a Blue Bomba 087 (Oh I wish I still had that!)
  7. Might not be THE biggest but at 54mm it's certainly a monster!
  8. Absolute shambles. I owned a green dial one and they are nice watches, sorry you missed out.
  9. Haha, glad it's not just me. To answer some of the questions, yes these are all for my single Panerai 243. I tend to wear it mostly on the 3rd strap from the left ( Horween "Old World" CXL made by Europelli) but swap it onto the others from time to time. The avacado with yellow stitching really suits it well too so sorry notgiving it away . That's a Panatime strap and wasn't overly expensive, about $40 and here's where I get into the trap of "it's $40 for the trap and $10 for shipping which is 25% of the strap price BUT if I spend $200 the shipping cost is comparatively minimal so I better do that"!! Regarding lugs, the Panerai is fine as it uses the button system to quick change but on other watches I always mask off the lugs when changing straps as I'm a bit OCD about marking them. I've bought some watches in the past it looks like someone had used a jack hammer to remove the strap!
  10. I have ONE watch that takes 24mm straps and this isn't even all the 24mm straps I own....just the ones I could reach from my desk without moving!! I have a large box of straps in sizes from 18mm - 22mm as well and I've just ordered another 8 straps I don't even have watches in mind for all but 2 of but I really liked the look of them and figured I'd get a watch to suit them at some point so was as well ordering them now while I was ordering the other 2 anyway........is it just me??
  11. I had a double domed saphire crystal with green AR coating added to my Seiko Alpinist SARB 059. I bought the crystal and sent it to the watchmaker who does most of my servicing, Duncan (Thewatchbloke). I supplied the parts and he did the work and pressure tested it. From memory it was about £35 for the crystal from crystal times, about £30 for the fitting, plus postage too and from Duncan. A nice upgrade from the mineral crystal on the watch which was quite scuffed
  12. ANother vote for Starpcode Jubilee, I bought one and it totally transforms the watch while looking almost identical to the original! As the learned gentleman above mentioned, the OEM is a tinny, rattly thing which I also quite like the charm of. It has a lot more natural stretch than the strapcode and feels like you're wearing an older Rolex jubilee that's seen better days. I also quite like this about it. The strapcode adds a resepctable amount of weight and loses a lot of the stretch feeling and all of the rattle. It makes the whole watch feel a lot more expensive and substantial on the wrist. I like both on their own merits but usually have the strapcode one one. https://www.strapcode.com/store/22mm-super-jubilee-316l-stainless-steel-watch-band-seiko-skx007-p-1123.html#.WS8feMa1vIU
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    Just added mine, surprised to see a few others very close by
  14. I have the standard edition of that watch and have to say the quality feel and finish on it is way beyond I've ever had in a £100 price range watch. It's probably over expensive for what it is but I really like it
  15. Yeah mine is the white gold version. I think it's a trick of the light (or just bad photography!) as the watch is only 9.3mm thick. I done a mini review of it earlier in the year if you're interested:
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