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  1. Ok so, AB's v's Wales to kick off in about 30 minutes. It has to be this one........ Cheers.
  2. Category 3: Ingersoll 1916..... Category 2: 1920's..... Category 1: 1960..... Cheers.
  3. Final score 'Chiefs' 40 v's Wales 7. Wales may be rueing the day they had a mid week game a few days before the second test against the A B's.
  4. What will Warren Gatland says to his team in the 'shed' at half time......????? 'Chiefs' leading at half time 21 - 0 C'mon Wales !!!!
  5. Yep, my first watch was a 'Tip Top' given to me by my brother for my 7th birthday. (I can remember being mesmerised by the lume.) Wore it daily for 14 years until the day it had an encounter with sea water
  6. Late entry......well the water was chilly! Cheers.
  7. One of the good things about Bulova, (there are many) is that parts are readily available. The 10AX movement is common....so enjoy the journey with this one.
  8. Well, England did ok with their biggest win ever against Australia today..........oh crap you are talking soccer??? Think I'll go to bed.
  9. Game delayed 1 hour if you want to watch it free. So, it has to be Sky Sport if you want it live.
  10. I have followed Welsh Rugby since the days of the great Barry John and have always enjoyed the passion the Welsh bring to the came. Tonight's game was a great effort. The final score does not reflect the quality of the Welsh game, both on attack and defence. Well done Wales. Now looking forward to the 2nd test. Cheers.
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