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  1. I suppose this depends on the size of your collection really. Even if you don't wear some that often though its nice to dig something out you've not worn in a while. But if its never getting worn and its not a definite keeper why not flip it for something new that you will wear more.
  2. Hi all, I'm after a watch winder and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations? This will mainly be for my planet ocean. Do all winders do clockwise and anti-clockwise? Again not sure which way mine winds. Would spend upto £200 maybe but if there's decent ones out there for less, great :) Cheers
  3. Very old pic of mine and i still have it. Spot on watches with great lume, equal to my monster id say. Cant seem to find the original of my pp pic :/
  4. I also had a problem with my crown, the thread stripped so now its just a push in. Never bothered me since. Where was the above dial from with the Tag Heuer logo on?
  5. You can view but cant post a new thread or comment on a existing. I dont see why you need 150 post mind. Im on TZ too and joined about the same time so a good 4 years ago and only have 100+ post as I dont comment much. Just because I dont have the posts means I cant sell but im obviously not a dealer on the forum purely to use the sales facility.
  6. I just put it in the box purely because I cant be bothered to reset it when I come to put it back on whenever that may be. If I decide I fancy it agian the following day it would have been a waste of time taking the crown out. Fair do I suppose if you dont wear it for a feew weeks but you never what watch you fancy until you wake up that day.
  7. I would never buy a clothing branded watch or a fashion watch as i know them. The majority of people who buy these only buy them for the name, the name is what puts me off. When having a window shop i never even look at them. When i mention to people im after a new watch they always ask what kind and when i say Doxa they've never heard of them but that doesnt bother me. Im buying that watch as i know what it is and all its history plus is just so sexy. But just as iv said the Doxa is a stunning watch someone else may think a Fossil is and buy it for that reason. Each to their own isnt it, if you dont know watches you would only buy what you think looks nice.
  8. Good luck with it all Roy :)
  9. Saving again and selling a few to fund my next one, Doxa SUB 750T/1200T Sharkhunter. If I can ever find one :wallbash: As far as the PO goes youll get money off that at goldsmiths. I got a good chunk off my 45mm PO a few months ago :thumbup:
  10. This thread should be in the 'jokes' section not the watch discussions. Oh and :welcome: swordfish86, hope you enjoy your time on the forum.
  11. The thread on my crown stripped so I sent it back to Roy and it now just has a push in crown. When it was screwed in all the way it wasnt right down against the case due to the threads. It is now with it just having a push in crown. Having the push in has never bothered me.
  12. Not a Rolex fan at all but these are ok and understated unlike most Rolex. Still hate cyclops with a passion though.
  13. Swapped beaters already. Started with this Now this to bring some colour to Christmas eve. May change again to something more up market later on.
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